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Employment-based Field Application

The Bethel University Department of Social Work and Field Education Office prioritizes student educational objectives with an awareness to their life circumstances and situations. There are circumstances, situations, and times when MSW students will request an employment-based field placement or a paid internship.

While there is an allowance for this, it is the student's responsibility to:

  • Ensure the placement criteria is met by their employer/agency
  • Identify a supervisor who meets the field instructor criteria
  • Indicate how new learning will occur that supports the development and demonstration of the social work competencies
  • Submit all materials, including an Application for Employment-based Field, to the Director of Field Education

The Director of Field Education will review the submitted application and materials and will make the final decision about the appropriateness of the employment-based field placement request. The Director of Field Education will issue an acceptance or rejection letter following this review.

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