Information Technology Services

Pre-Purchase Policy for Information-Technology Resources

In order (1) to provide the best service possible and (2) to maintain the integrity of Bethel’s strategic data network, we are implementing the following policy, effective immediately.

Policy. ITS must pre-approve all Bethel purchases of computing resources for which either ITS support or connection to Bethel’s data network is desired. ITS will certify eligibility for support and connection to the network by putting Bethel inventory stickers on equipment. ITS reserves the right not to support or connect to the campus network equipment without appropriate stickers.

Included Resources.
This policy covers any Bethel equipment and software for which either ITS support or connectivity to the data network is desired. Examples include but are not limited to computers, peripherals, software, printers, PDA’s, phones, and copiers. Web applications that will be used by any Bethel audience also require ITS approval even if they are hosted by outside vendors.

Rationale. The mission of ITS is to help all Bethel users fulfill their goals and responsibilities through the provision and appropriate use of information-technology. To succeed, users must have reliable computer systems and a reliable network. The reliability of current systems is largely dependent upon successful communication among a large number of extensive and very complex software programs and related hardware. Allowing unknown and untested products into the environment greatly increases the probability of incompatibilities that cause problems for one or many users. Thus, for the benefit of all we must limit our support to those combinations of products that we have successfully tested in our environment. This policy is based upon good business practices that are associated throughout higher education with the delivery of reliable, secure services. We appreciate your support of and compliance with this policy.

ITS Commitment. Faculty, staff, and students share many common needs for information technology and telecommunications services. They also have different requirements based upon varying goals and responsibilities. ITS will strive to provide (1) institution-wide services and tools to support shared needs and (2) additional services and tools to support unique needs.

We do not intend for this pre-purchase policy to detract from our commitment to the Bethel community. We will strive to meet both the common and different needs of our user groups. However, we do require that we be given opportunity for input before purchases are made.

Pre-Purchase Contacts. Please contact the following for pre-purchase consultation:

Faculty: Bob Kistler (X6313)
All other users: The Help Desk at X6500

Questions. Please contact: Barb Smith (X6729, ), Bob Kistler (X6313, ), or Douglas Nguyen (X6297, ) if you have questions about this policy.