Using Research Databases

As a Bethel student, databases give you exclusive access to articles from peer-reviewed journals that aren't free on the Web. Find the right ones by contacting us or using our online tools.

Here are two quick options for finding the databases you need to conduct your research.

Full List of Databases

If you know what you're looking for or have a good idea, see the full list of research databases.

Subject and Research Guides

Our research experts have put together research guides to give you the best resources for your program or research area:

  • Collected best resources for searching
  • Tips and tricks for digging up the best stuff quickly
  • Contact info for a real, living person who would love to take your question, suggest where you might search

There are also guides on how to use databases, managing citations, Moodle support, and more. If you don't find what you're looking for, let us know and chances are we'll make another guide. That's just the way we are.

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