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Our Vision

We strive to provide “a space, a place, and a face” for all military-affiliated students and family members at Bethel. We will be a champion for Bethel students who are connected to the military, and we will help connect them to a community that empowers them as we all seek to be Christ-followers and world-changers.

Our Mission

We lead the synchronization of admissions, academic support, financial aid, health care, and career/vocational services to ensure smooth access to military benefits. We lead Bethel’s networking with external veterans and military organizations to align military-affiliated students with their benefits and services, and we help them transition to college and connect with other students and departments on campus.

Our Goals

  • Every military-affiliated student is welcomed, integrated into the Bethel community, empowered, and prepared to serve as a world-changer.
  • Ensure Bethel University is a "military-friendly" campus.
  • Develop and support a military-affiliated student community within Bethel.
  • Incorporate the gifts, talents, and experiences of military-affiliated students into the life and mission of Bethel University.
  • Develop a Bethel military alumni group, which will provide mentors for Bethel’s military-affiliated students.
  • Ensure that the "8 Keys to Veterans' Success" are a reality for all military-affiliated students at Bethel.