Michael Vedders Named Chief Marketing Officer

As he shifts into chief marketing officer role, Michael Vedders is excited to “tell stories that matter” as he leads a team to promote Bethel.

By Jason Schoonover ’09, content specialist

September 19, 2018 | Noon

Michael Vedders

Michael Vedders ’04, GS ‘07 was named Bethel’s new chief marketing officer, and he plans to bring a data-driven approach as he leads an office that tells “stories that matter” about Bethel.

Michael Vedders ’04, GS ‘07 is confident that Bethel University has a bright future—“because what we do here matters.”

The Bethel University Board of Trustees recently named Vedders chief marketing officer, and he’s excited and privileged to bring Bethel’s story to future students, families, and partners.

“I believe in Bethel and its mission. I truly believe that when you take our faith in Christ and mix that with significant learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom, it creates a unique product—one that differentiates us in the marketplace. I get the opportunity to tell that story, engage others to come here, and work with some fantastic people to do it.”

— Michael Vedders, chief marketing officer

Vedders' role as chief marketing officer comes as the latest step in a Bethel career that began just four days after he graduated with an education degree. “Michael is a testament to a Bethel liberal arts education,” Bethel President Jay Barnes says.

Vedders' Bethel career started in Information Technology Services, where he served students’ computer needs while also pursuing an M.A. in Organizational Leadership. After he began overseeing Bethel’s learning management system and website, he led a joint ITS and marketing team in rebranding the website to become one of Bethel’s key messaging and recruiting tools. He later led a university-wide branding project.

He served for the past three years as director of marketing, using his technology background to help bring a 21st century, data-driven approach to Bethel’s marketing efforts. In his new role, Vedders says he will continue to bring a data-based approach to the department to help grow enrollment and raise funds. He also promised to bring a collaborative approach with Bethel’s departments, and Barnes praised Vedders for his credibility across campus and his knowledge of Bethel’s unique audience.

Barnes says Vedders’ understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of Bethel’s brand position him well to lead the department into the future.

Vedders will report directly to Barnes and will serve on the Cabinet.

Vedders is excited to lead a team that tells Bethel’s story, showing how it’s important to graduate teachers who care as much about their students as they do about outcomes, and that it’s just as important to prepare men and women who want to make a difference while earning a profit through a career in business.

“Producing broadly educated liberal arts students who have the ability to connect multiple disciplines to create unique solutions to new, more complex problems—that matters,” Vedders says. “Marketing has the privilege and responsibility to tell these stories that matter.”

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