Grandparents Day 2019 Celebrates Generations of Bethel Community

Students and grandparents experience life on campus together during Bethel's 7th annual Grandparents Day.

By Aiyanna Klaphake '20

April 16, 2019 | 3 p.m.

Bethel students and grandparents smile for a photo

Grandparents Day 2019 connects Bethel families

"Here at Bethel, we celebrate family and community," says Laurel Bunker, Associate Vice President of Christian Formation and Church Relations to over 300 Bethel grandparents as they settle into Benson Great Hall for Chapel. "We're excited to have you here."

Despite the unusually snowy weather, April 12 started bright and early as families gathered in Bethel’s Community Life Center to celebrate the special bond between grandchildren and grandparents. Students and guests alike streamed past the check-in table to attend an address by President Jay Barnes and other Bethel community members.

Grandparents Day is a unique opportunity for students to share their college experience with some of the most important people in their lives. The day’s official schedule included a campus tour, lunch in the Monson Dining Center, and "Class Without the Quiz" where guests had the chance to hear from Bethel faculty and staff about a range of topics, exploring everything from what sets Bethel apart, to the results of on-campus student research, to the experiences of Bethel student athletes. As the morning progresses, entire generations of Bethel families can be found enjoying coffee from Royal Grounds, exploring the halls, or singing along to worship songs in Chapel.

Student and grandparent hold hands in the hallway.

Students and grandparents experience Bethel together

After Bunker leaves the chapel stage, C.J. Washington '21 introduces the guest speaker: his own grandfather, Raleigh Washington. The renowned author and pastor shares a passionate message about the importance of the special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. "Grandparents, we are the legacy givers," Dr. Washington says, "and grandchildren, you are the legacy keepers."

After Chapel, elementary education major Michelle Voth '21 and her grandmother Gloria McCann stop by the photo booth in the Underground before heading to Monson Dining Center for lunch. "I'm impressed with everything," McCann says of her day at Bethel. "It's very special to be recognized."

"Your grandparents are so much of who you are," Voth adds. "It's important to recognize their role in your life. They've helped you get to where you are at."


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