Bethel’s Star Statistician Scores His Own Recognition

Ty Frazier ’19 receives Student Employee of the Year award after taking stats at more than 300 Bethel games.

By Jason Schoonover '09, content specialist

May 13, 2019 | Noon

Ty Frazier '19

Ty Frazier ’19, center, takes stats at a recent Bethel baseball game. The President’s Cabinet selected Frazier as Bethel’s 2018-19 Student Employee of the Year to commend his strong work and commitment to the Athletics Department as lead statistician.

Talk to many people in Bethel Athletics, and they’ll tell you Ty Frazier ’19 is the department’s star who never shows up in the score sheets—that’s because he’s the one keeping the stats.

Over his four years, Frazier has worked more than 300 games as the Bethel Athletics Department’s lead statistician. He serves as the main statistician for football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, and softball, and he also serves as the secondary statistician for soccer and hockey. Many in the athletic department commend him for his reliability, accuracy, and work ethic, and his work is being recognized across campus. The President’s Cabinet selected Frazier as Bethel’s 2018-19 Student Employee of the Year.

"Ty is a tireless worker with a happy heart,” says Head Football Coach Steve Johnson. “He is dependable, responsible and talented. We talk about ‘giving our gifts for free,’ and Ty is a great example of that every game, every day. His impact is immeasurable.”

Assistant Athletic Director for Strategic Communications and Marketing/Assistant Head Baseball Coach Tim Beasley says it’s rare for a student to keep stats for more than a few sports—while also bringing in-depth knowledge of each sport. “Ty is so reliable and responsible,” Beasley says. “If you ask him to do something or be somewhere, you know it is going to happen. He has a very calm and pleasant demeanor, which is very important in the high pace and high-stress environment that collegiate athletics contests are.”

Ty Frazier '19

Ty Frazier ’19, Bethel’s 2018-19 Student Employee of the Year, has worked more than 300 games as lead statistician in his four years at Bethel. He serves as the main stat taker for football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, and softball, while also serving as the secondary stat taker for soccer and hockey.

Frazier’s work benefits coaches, staff, and players. It’s important for student-athletes’ accomplishments to be accurately recorded. Assistant Football Coach/Video Coordinator Paul Swan says Frazier’s work saved him time, as it did many other coaches. "He definitely makes my job easy when I am entering the down, distance, etc. after a game,” Swan says. “It is very rare that there is an error. I really appreciate him.”

While Frazier’s work allows coaches to devote their efforts to other tasks, Beasley says he also frees up full-time Athletics Department workers to focus on things like the webcast, music, social media, and scoreboard operating. “The stats are the most vital component that we must have done and done well,” he says.

The Athletics Department recognized Ty on April 16 during National Student Employment Week at a Royal Breakfast. He received a $250 check, a gift card to the campus store, and a personal letter of recognition from President Jay Barnes. Frazier represents more than 1,000 Bethel student employees, whose work supports university success. Each year, the Student Employee of the Year award recognizes a student worker for his or her outstanding contribution and achievement made while working and studying at Bethel. The President’s Cabinet selects a recipient based on a student worker’s reliability, quality of work, initiative, professionalism, and uniqueness of the student employee’s contribution.

Frazier, an accounting and finance major, plans to work at Deloitte after graduation.

Ty Frazier '19

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