New Online BSW Launches

Bethel launches a new online B.A in social work (BSW) degree program that helps students use their compassion for others to bring hope and promote justice.

By Michelle Westlund '83, senior content specialist

November 12, 2021 | 10:30 a.m.

Online BSW

Bethel’s new online BSW prepares students to advocate for others in a variety of contexts.

The journey often begins with compassion. Students who are drawn to social work have an innate sense of compassion for those who are facing life challenges. But it doesn’t end there. Bethel’s new online B.A. in social work (BSW) degree harnesses that compassion, adds practical skills, and unleashes it for good in the local community and beyond.

Bethel’s new online BSW is built on a deeply rooted faith perspective that considers social justice, reconciliation, ethical practices, and human rights. The training prepares students to work compassionately with clients to provide them with intervention and resources. Then it goes further, equipping students to advocate for justice and bring a hope that honors the dignity and worth of all persons. Graduates are prepared to incorporate ethics and compassion with strength and resilience as they work with client systems.

Students in Bethel’s BSW program develop strong critical thinking skills, the ability to promote reconciliation, and an integrated perspective that brings faith and justice into every encounter. The program provides real-world experience, preparing graduates for immediate entry into the social work field in diverse areas like policy development and analysis, community organizing, or the criminal justice system, and in contexts like schools, senior care, mental health, child welfare, and international settings. Students are also prepared for graduate-level social work education, if that’s their goal, including in Bethel’s one-year Advanced Standing MSW program and other programs like it.

Bethel’s new online BSW provides the flexibility for students to balance their work, family, and life responsibilities while pursuing their goals and moving forward in a field where their compassion will make a real difference in the lives of others. “Social work is a huge responsibility,” says Emily Blackmer, program developer and instructor in the department of social work. “It’s also one of the greatest privileges, as we often meet people at the most challenging points in their lives and are able to provide support and advocacy to help them achieve the change or goal they strive for in order to feel whole and healthy.”

Bethel's New Online BSW Program

Begin your journey—harness your innate compassion and become empowered to work toward systemic change that honors the dignity and worth of all persons.

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