Business Management Program Helps Students Set Themselves Apart

With industry-recognized professional certifications embedded into its courses, Bethel’s B.S. Business Management program is helping its students gain valuable skills as well as the certifications to distinguish themselves, improve their resumes, and pursue their callings.

By Jason Schoonover '09, content specialist

July 18, 2022 | 11 a.m.

B.S. Business Management

Bethel’s B.S. Business Management program is helping its students set themselves apart as they pursue their careers. Through courses, students can earn industry-recognized certifications that will prepare them for their next steps—and appeal to employers.

As Madison Koch CAPS’22 nears the completion of Bethel’s B.S. in Business Management program, she’s confident that she has set herself apart as she pursues the next steps in a marketing career. That’s because along with earning her degree, Koch has received multiple industry-recognized certifications while completing the program. “I would say these certifications are an essential component of my success thus far,” she says.

Bethel’s B.S. in Business Management program now has many industry-recognized professional certifications embedded into its courses. “This is an innovative way to allow students to earn industry-recognized credentials while they are earning their business degree,” says Molly Wickam, program director of the B.S. in Business Management Program. The certifications are a key way for students to get ahead in the job market since they’re a way to show employers that someone is proactively working to gain skills. “Employers are looking for employees to take charge of their own upskilling to stay current with their jobs,” Wickam says.

The industry or professional certifications are credentials awarded by certification bodies—typically nonprofit organizations, professional associations, industry/trade organizations, or businesses. Such certifications are based on a person demonstrating that he or she has acquired the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform a specific occupation or job. After gaining the skills and knowledge through their Bethel courses, students take an exam to earn the certification. Many certifications offer practice tests along the way for students to assess their knowledge. And most allow one free retake to pass the exam. And Bethel has negotiated reduced pricing for the certifications with each certification provider. “If students took the certifications outside of Bethel, they could do so but would pay more,” Wickam says.

“I would say these certifications are an essential component of my success thus far."

— Madison Koch CAPS’22

As students earn certifications while pursuing their degree, they can put the certifications on their LinkedIn pages and resumes. And that often leads to new potential jobs and opportunities because LinkedIn provides leads based on the information and certifications included in profiles. Though the ability to earn these certifications has become an important part of the program, they are not tied to program completion. Certifications are earned for a limited amount of time and may be renewed through a recertification process.

Koch has earned multiple HubSpot Academy certifications, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, and Email Marketing. And she’s already seen how employers value candidates who have received certifications. “These certifications are something that has set me apart in the marketing industry,” she says. “Attaining certifications such as these shows initiative and eagerness to continue education beyond a four-year degree in your related field of employment.” While Koch’s certifications align with her marketing interest, many other certifications that can be attained through courses will prepare people for a diverse set of careers. Others include PMI Project Management Ready, Certified Ethics Associate (CEA), Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer—for the fast-growing Python programming language—and more.

Koch was drawn to Bethel’s B.S. in Business Management program because of the flexibility. She wanted a program that would allow her to continue her full-time work schedule. While earning her Bethel degree, she has worked full time as the marketing manager for a local medical spa that utilizes cosmeceuticals—cosmetic products that incorporate bioactive ingredients. That’s allowed her to gain experience while attaining her degree. She plans to one day pursue a career in medical device marketing while also going on to earn a master's degree.

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