5 ways the Office of Career Development and Calling is ready to help you

At Bethel, who we are and who we are becoming matters—it’s this belief that drives Career Development and Calling. Find out how they’re helping students and alumni alike figure out God’s calling on their lives to accomplish incredible things.

By Heather Schnese S’12, content specialist

January 29, 2024 | Noon

Office of Career Development and Calling

The recently renovated Office of Career Development and Calling

1. Finding a major

PSEO students and freshmen are often looking for help in figuring out their major. Which one fits their skills? Which one interests them the most? And what can you do with certain majors? It’s these type of questions Career Development and Calling is equipped to help you answer.

“We offer interest assessments such as the Strong Interest Inventory and Myers-Briggs along with individualized one-on-one coaching to help students understand what their assessment results reflect and how to home in on a major and career path,” explains Stan Thompson, Director of Vocation, Pathways, and Partnerships.

So, even if you just stepped foot on campus for the first time, Career Development and Calling has resources to help point you in the right direction.

2. Finding a job

Juniors and seniors are usually on the hunt for internships and jobs for after graduation. They’re learning how to look for jobs and how to prepare for interviews.

“I was unprepared for my first interview and didn’t know how technical they would be,” says Jeremiah McNamara ’23. “After my first one did not turn out well, I went to Career Development and Calling and learned all the background on what employers are looking for and how to prepare.”

Bethel’s career specialists help students with everything from searching for internships and job search strategies to networking with Bethel alumni and developing resumes and cover letters.

“Bethel Career Development and Calling helped me put my thoughts into words when preparing for the professional world. All of the staff was beyond helpful and cared about my future while helping me prepare for post-college steps.”

— Jeremiah McNamara ’23

3. Making a career change

Casey Wahl graduated from Bethel in 2011 with degrees in social studies education K-5 and history but started thinking about a career shift after COVID. “The job and technology landscape has changed so much since I graduated, so I really didn’t know where to start with my journey. It was overwhelming,” she explains. “The Career Development and Calling staff is so helpful and intentional. I received invaluable feedback and one-on-one support. They checked in on me frequently and took the time to get to know my professional background.” Once her Bethel career specialist knew more about her skills and interests, she was able to send more targeted job postings and opportunities to Wahl.

Says Thompson: “Our conversations with alumni who want to make a pivot in their career often center around how God has uniquely created them, how they want to use their skills and interests, and how to translate their skills and experience into a new role or industry.”

“Exploring career opportunities in my 30s was an intimidating prospect made far less so by the thoughtful and intentional support that the career staff at Bethel provides. I would strongly encourage any BU alumni or student to take advantage of this awesome service.”

— Casey Wahl ’11

4. Making space

A few less walls and more open space—the third floor of the Clausen Center looks a little different now. Recently, the Career Development and Calling area was renovated to make meetings, presentations, networking events, mock interviews and just connecting easier and more comfortable.

“The changes have created a welcoming environment and a place where people want to be,” explains Thompson. “We plan to host events for alumni and students as well as information sessions led by alumni and employers to give students better access to internships and jobs.” The end goal? Helping students and alumni—even years out from graduation—discover how to use their gifts to serve others and live out their calling.

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5. Impacting the Kingdom

Regardless of your major or job, and no matter where you’re at on the career path, Bethel wants to help you follow Christ’s compass to make a difference in the world. “We strive to help each student and alumni understand that they are uniquely wired to do God's work in the world. That work happens in their homes, churches, jobs, time with friends…everywhere,” says Thompson. “It’s also important to stay connected to God through Bible study, prayer, and fellowship with other believers and as we do that, God will reveal His will for our lives.

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