Students search for ways to become more organized

December 6, 2012 | 11 a.m.

Student writes everything she needs to know in planner, doesn’t look at planner ever

Clarionion | Marsha M. Allo

Students search for ways to become more organized

Natashie is desperate for organization.

Bethel student Megan Natashie writes everything in a planner in order to keep her life organized. However, she fails to actually look at the planner afterward, thus defeating the purpose of writing it down in the first place.

Natashie purchased a planner in order to keep on top of her extremely busy schedule. She told reporters on Wednesday that she actually never looked at the planner after she wrote down her schedule for the week.

“I was debating getting an electronic planner ... something that I could use on my phone. It ended up just annoying me even more because I had to type everything in it. I don’t have Siri to do that on my Android,” commented Natashie. “I decided to be old fashioned and write everything into a book with the dates listed in it.”

Natashie admits that it may just be apathy that’s causing her to not return and spend time in her planner.

“I am good about writing it all down,” she says. “But I just can’t get myself to go back and actually do anything I wrote down.”

Nothing is worse than checking a planner at the end of the day to learn that you didn’t accomplish anything. Natashie admits that her unproductive streak may have something to do with her apathetic behavior towards her planner.

Natashie has now decided to use alternative methods to make sure things get done. She has resorted to writing all her plans on her arm, texting them to herself, making copies of the planner week and posting them wherever she goes, avoiding all distractions and mustering up a lot of will power to actually open that planner.

“It’s tough, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do,” said Natashie.

Hopefully we all are inspired by Natahsie to get organized this winter season.


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