Dancing through International Week

December 6, 2012 | 11 a.m.

Gaelic dancing and gnome searching

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Dancing through International Week

Students gather for the different activities of international week: posing, dancing and tracking down gnomes to participate in embracing other cultures. | Drea Chalmers

Dancing: Senior Parker Foss spent fall of 2011 in Scotland at the University of St. Andrews. There he went to a ceilidh every week, where he learned traditional Scottish dancing.
“I enjoyed my experience so much in Scotland that I wanted to bring it back to Bethel," said Foss.
On Wednesday night of International Week, he did just that. Foss hosted the event from 7:30-10 p.m. and brought in a live band and some instructors to help teach students about this cultural festivity.
There were over 20 students in attendance and the participants caught on quickly with the instructors. Soon The Underground was filled with folk music and twirling dancers.
Gnomes: Throughout International Week, students were on the lookout for a hidden gnome. Once found, the gnome held a ticket that could be redeemed for a round-trip ticket to anywhere in the continental U.S.
Clues were posted every day to give students directions about where to look for the hidden treasure.
The winner, sophomore Daniel Sandberg shared his story of finding the gnome in an online blog on the Office of International Studies' website. In this blog, he shared the tale of his trek back and forth across campus to find the hidden gnome.
“It started out as something fun to do because I was bored," Sandberg said. "In my mind, I knew I wouldn’t win, but hey, what’s the harm in trying?”
Now that the gnome has been found, Sandberg is making plans on how he wants to use his free round-trip ticket.
He commented, “I am hoping that I will get to visit my sister in California when she has her seventh child, at the end of interim!”
Why study abroad? On the final day of International Week, the Office of International Studies set up a photobooth with backdrops and props and asked participants to write down reasons why students should study abroad.
The photos were put on Facebook and students were asked to vote for their favorite. The winners of this mini contest, facilities management workers Carly Nelson and Mikah Holloway, won a giant jar of nutella for their reason, “To be able to clean bathrooms in other countries.”
Some of the other favorites included: “To meet accent infused men who are cute," “To discover new passions," and “To put it on my resume.”


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