Jungle-themed Nikdag stirs excitement

April 13, 2012 | 1:50 p.m.

With swing dancing, Como Zoo and the Swarm lacrosse game, Nikdag weekend promises to be packed with events

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Jungle-themed Nikdag stirs excitement

Following the theme of the Tarzan movie spoof, students dressed in jungle safari outfits in preparation of the ask | photo courtesy of Karly Fuller

The hallways outside of Benson Great Hall were packed Tuesday, April 10, as students anxiously waited to watch the revealing of the theme and events for Nikdag 2012.

“You be Tarzan and I’ll be Jane — I’ve got tickets to the big game. Come swing with me on a river safari, please say yes, you won’t be sorry!”

The ask line for the girls referenced the Disney movie “Tarzan” and set the jungle safari theme for the weekend’s events. Nikdag is an annual event where girls ask the guys to a variety of events planned by the Bethel Student Association (BSA).

On Friday night those participating will float down the St. Croix River on a boat cruise. Student Activities has provided many different options for the students to enjoy. There will be swing dancing on the first level, complete with an instructor for those with “two left feet,” board games and ice breakers on the second level, and an observation deck on the third level of the boat.

On Saturday there is the option of going to the Como Zoo by bus during the day, followed by the Minnesota Swarm lacrosse game that night against the Washington Capitals. Couples also have the opportunity to sign up for a drawing to compete for $40 in a halftime three-legged race.

After the announcements concerning the event and a special appearance from the Swarm captains, girls flooded out of Benson Great Hall and the Nikdag asking began.Girls scurried around, scrounging up a jungle costume and making a Target run to get an animal-related snack for their potential date.

Finally when midnight arrived, the asking began. One group of five Edgren second-floor girls asked Edgren third-floor guys. One by one they knocked on the door, each reciting the poem while donned in their various interpretations of “jungle safari wear,” topped off with binoculars, fanny packs and even a parrot cup.

As each guy was asked, the others would start pounding on the walls, yelling and chanting the current guy’s name. All of the five guys said yes.

“It was less nerve racking [than Gadkin] because you have the power,” said E2 girl Lindsey Oawster.  

Jay Ripley, a RA in Edgren, also enjoyed the excitement and as is his tradition, was posting the highlights to Facebook. “Boom goes the Dynamite! First ask is a success. The girl even gave a fist pump when he said yes! #magical #shedatear,” wrote Ripley.

Now, with the asking finished, the couples are ready and excited for a weekend of fun.


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