Clarionion: Taxes fund exit ramp

April 26, 2012 | 11 a.m.

Local woman unknowingly purchases Exit Ramp 3B

Clarionion | Marsha M. Allo

Taxes fund exit ramp

High taxes are the equivalent of buying an exit ramp | Sebastsan Ballard

Area woman, Krista Jorge from Onalaska, Wisc., unknowingly purchased Exit 3B joining interstate 90 to highway 35 this month.

Jorge’s personal accountant figured out that her taxes for the 2011 year were so high that she was basically paying the price of an exit ramp. Jorge assumes she pretty much funded this ramp through her tax payment. 

“I’m so grateful that I was forced to fund this exit ramp,” said Jorge. “I don’t know what we would do without Exit 3B. The town travelers would probably be in utter chaos!”

Jorge’s generous contribution to the government has allowed citizens to enjoy the pleasures of making a convenient exit as they go about their travels in Onalaska. Not only does Jorge find satisfaction in providing such a service, but also hopes that this convenience will lead travelers to her home church approximately 3.9 miles off of Exit 3B.


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