Clarionion: Registration goes surprisingly well

April 26, 2012 | 11 a.m.

Fall 2012 class registration actually had fewer problems than expected

Clarionion | Marsha M. Allo

Registration goes surprisingly well

Hundreds of students had problems registering for classes, but overall, it went smoother than planned. | Courtesy of registration website

Students at Bethel had a great registration experience this semester. While registering for fall 2012 classes, the system only crashed twice, leaving all underclassmen in paranoia. Upperclassmen encountered little to no problems as signing up for classes only took a few hours.

As the masses simultaneously logged onto Blink to register, few problems actually occurred. 

Laura Hibbon said, “Registration wasn’t too bad. I only suffered from severe anxiety for about half an hour waiting in anticipation to see if I had gotten into my classes. But I got them all!”

“This was a pretty good registration,” said sophomore Kim Stenbache. “I practiced typing in the CRNs in the boxes the day before so that when 6 p.m. hit, I could crank the numbers out in less that 0.4 seconds.”

“I just waited until the rush was over,” said Cory McJade, a student that has registered numerous times before. “I usually register 20 minutes after the time I’m scheduled to. That way there’s no wait.”

Other students that had not prepared suffered from the usual overload of people on the site.

“I was so overwhelmed with registration that I decided to add every class possible to prevent the possibility of not getting into a class I needed,” said Derek Trent, an underclassmen new to the registration process.

One student exclaimed this was the best luck he’s had with registration thus far.

“My registration was only delayed for a few days. I left my computer on for days just waiting until they gave me the go,” explained Sam Claude.

Overall, the university community is content with their fall 2012 schedules that came about way too easily through a miraculously good registration.


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