Clarionion: Wrong condiment ruins dinner for freshman

March 29, 2012 | 11 a.m.

Student left upset and disappointed after confusing barbecue sauce and ketchup at the 3900 Grill

Clarionion | Marsha M. Allo

Clarionion: Wrong condiment ruins dinner for freshman

Though clearly labeled, barbecue sauce and ketchup look deceivingly similar. | Nicole Nettleton

Ty Livingsten, Bethel freshman, admitted to reporters on Tuesday that he had definitely gotten barbecue sauce instead of ketchup while grabbing dinner at the 3900 Grill.

“It’s a common mistake,” said Livingsten. “I was just so nervous. There were so many people there.”

Livingsten’s mistake deprived him not only of ketchup, but also his dignity as he felt too embarrassed to return to the ketchup pump he had visited just minutes ago.

“There was no way he was going back up there,” said Hailey Marrks, one of the witnesses at the scene. “He was just going to have to use his barbecue sauce instead.”

“I really wanted that ketchup for my chicken tender sandwich,” said Livingsten, “but I just pretended that I actually wanted the barbecue sauce and left as quickly as possible.”

Livingsten never attempted to redeem himself or his ketchup-less dinner. He told reporters that he has been made aware that the ketchup is on the far left side of the condiment station and that he hopes that this horrifying experience will never happen to him or anyone else again.

When asked about the incident, officials from the 3900 Grill said that while the mix-up seems to be a frequent occurrence, they cannot be held liable for the confusion. Both the barbecue sauce and ketchup dispensers are clearly marked.


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