What happens on campus during the summer?

May 10, 2012 | 11 a.m.

Events and organizations book campus June through August

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What happens on campus during the summer?

Students may be gone, but the campus does not sleep. | Kate Beecken

Even after most of the faculty and students have left for the summer, the campus does not sleep. Many groups rent out Bethel for events throughout the summer, and most of the Facilities Management staff is still doing maintenance after classes have finished.

The campus is busy all summer with events, said Kyle Sherer, the associate director of auxiliary services. Last June and July, more than 45 events took place at Bethel, according to Sherer.

Various groups will use all parts of Bethel, he said, such as the Benson Great Hall, the sports and recreational facilities, classrooms and even dorms. “It’s being a good steward, because otherwise the buildings are empty,” said Sherer.

Since the summer months are when they have access to the residence halls, said Molly Holmes, director of operations, the whole summer is also busy for Facilities Management.

“Immediately after graduation, you know, the day after Memorial Day, we start training for student workers that are going to be helping us,” she said. Facilities Management hires about 40 student workers in the summer, and half of those work in the residence halls. Every summer, Holmes said, “We do a maintenance inspection of 100 percent of every dorm room.” This summer, Facilities Management will also be replacing a boiler at Fountain Terrace, she said.

The first event of the summer will be the Young Authors Conference on May 29. Sherer described it as “about 900 middle schoolers for four days straight.” From then on, it doesn’t really slow down. “It is busy pretty much all the time,” said Sherer.


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