Seeing double on campus

May 14, 2012 | 12:19 p.m.

Twins share the pros of attending that same school, and for some pairs, the same major

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Seeing double on campus

Twins Stephanie and Kaitlyn Anderson did not plan on going to the same college, but have found the experience to bring them closer together. | Drea Chalmers

Bethel is home to several pairs of identical and fraternal twins and one pair of conjoined twins, all of whom have been confusing professors and students since freshman year.

Ellie and Lexy Stark are juniors from Apple Valley and are both studying nursing. They said that they have been “attached at the hip” since birth and attending separate colleges never crossed their minds. “We decided together,” Lexy said. “We never considered going to separate colleges. It was an easy decision.”

“We don’t know what it’s like to not be twins. Having each other at Bethel is like what is was in high school. We’re best friends, and it’s what we’re used to. If we weren’t together, it would be hard,” said Ellie.

When it comes to life after Bethel, they’re not one hundred percent sure where they’ll be, but they alluded that it might be the first time they split. Lexy is interested in going to Africa for a couple of years to pursue her nursing dreams, whereas Ellie isn’t as interested in long-term travel. “We know that [the split] will come eventually. We will still talk everyday, but being apart will definitely take some getting used to,” Ellie said.

Like the Stark twins, Taylor and Travis Tollette are in the same department at Bethel. The juniors are studying biology, and both are playing on Bethel’s hockey and golf teams. They chose to come to Bethel because of athletics and academics. For them, having a twin is a matter of convenience.

“Having a twin is helpful. If one of us misses a class, the other one gets the notes and assignments. It’s also great to have a study partner,” Taylor said. After graduation, the Tollette twins both plan on attending dental school and going into a practice together.  

Unlike the Stark and Toulette twins, Stephanie and Kaitlyn Anderson are pursuing different majors and did not intend to go to the same college. “We both had a few options for school, but Bethel just felt right for the both of us,” said Stephanie. Kaitlyn is studying biokinetics in the exercise science department, and Stephanie is in elementary education.

Although attending the same college may have been unplanned, they enjoy having each other on campus. “It’s such a blast. We get this enriched independent, but collaborative experience. I couldn’t imagine doing this season of life without having Kaitlyn a few dorms away,” said Stephanie.

Kaitlyn added, “I’m so thankful to have Stephanie here at Bethel with me. It’s a whole new way of doing this ‘twin thing’ together. There’s no doubt that our journey here at Bethel has brought us closer together.”


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