Spring Must-Dos

May 10, 2012 | 11 a.m.

For some off-campus must-sees, head to any of these local hotspots for a day of fun

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Spring Must-Dos

Como Park Zoo is one of the many options for Spring activities. | Courtesy of Como Park Zoo & Concervatory

Active Energy

Herbalife protein shake shop 

$7 for a meal replacement protein shake and a tea 

Andover, 18.5 miles/30 minutes from campus 

“The shakes are nutritionally really good, and they’re surprisingly flavorful, which means they are great substitutes to fast food or the Dining Center options. The environment is awesome too, and you have access to free Wi-Fi. It’s definitely worth the drive from Bethel.” - Callie Ryan, freshman 

Wabasha Street Caves 

Hosts Swing Night every Thursday night, where a live band plays music and anyone is welcome to come and swing dance 

$7 cover charge 

St. Paul, 13 miles/21 minutes from campus 

“I’m not sure where I heard about it, but in high school we would go every Thursday night, and it was fun because we were with friends. The live band and big dance floor are great because we can do aerials!” 

- Ari Driver, sophomore 

Como Lake 

A scenic lake with 1.67 miles of paths surrounding it 


St. Paul, 6.5 miles/13 minutes from campus 

“You can walk, run or rollerblade! It's free, and you get to be active and outside.” - Betsy Payette, senior 

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory 

Zoo that includes gardens, a picnic area and a mini-golf course 

Mini golf: $2.50/9 holes 

St. Paul, 6.2 miles/13 minutes from campus 

“I went there for a lab in one of my classes, and it reminded me of how great of a place it is! You can get into the zoo for free, play cheap mini golf and hang out outside — the surrounding park area is really beautiful.” - Emily Swanberg, freshman 

Sky Zone 

Indoor trampoline park 

$8/30-minute jump, $12/60-minute jump, $16/90-minute jump, $20/120-minute jump 

Oakdale, 16.8 miles/26 minutes from campus 

“It’s a really carefree feeling! I went with the kids from the group home I work at, and I think it’s great for people of all ages. You wouldn’t think that an hour would give you enough time to have a good time, but I’d say it’s more than enough.” - Brady Stromme, sophomore 

Vali-Hi Drive-In Movie Theatre 

Drive-in theatre and snack bar 

$8 for 3 back-to-back movies 

Lake Elmo, 22.5 miles/32 minutes from campus 

“It’s not just watching a movie in a dark theatre — it’s a whole experience. You can bring as many friends as you want, you get to see three movies for a cheap price, and you get to enjoy the nice weather that we Minnesotans wait so long for. You also save money on movie snacks because you can just pack your car with your own food.” - Leslie Handzus, freshman 

Chilly Billy’s Frozen Yogurt 

Self-serve frozen yogurt shop with 10 unique flavors and more than 50 toppings 

$0.46/ounce of frozen yogurt 

Minneapolis, 9.1 miles/16 minutes from campus 

“You do every step yourself: pick which kind and how much frozen yogurt you want, then pick out the toppings you want and put them all on. This way, you get to make it exactly as you like it! You pay by how much it weighs, so you can get as little or as much as you want. It’s nice if you don’t wanna spend a lot or if you only want a little bit. And the variety of flavors and toppings means there’s something for everyone.” 

- Rhiannon Anderson, sophomore 

Taylors Falls 

A small town settled alongside the St. Croix River with numerous hiking and biking trails 


Taylors Falls, 44.1 miles/51 minutes from campus 

“A couple of friends and I drove to Taylors Falls, which is about an hour away. We went hiking and exploring and walked around town. We got great malts at a little pizza shop. It was a fun experience to learn about an area, have physical activity and spend time with friends.” - Emma Buhr, freshman 


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