In search of Bethel’s ‘Voice’

November 21, 2012 | 11 a.m.

A switch from “Bethel Idol” to “Bethel's Voice” generates excitement and opportunity 

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In Search of Bethel's Voice

On Friday, one Bethel student will be named "The Voice."

Every year, amidst many different BSA events and holiday traditions, one competition stands out as a chance to discover new talent across Bethel’s campus. This competition, formerly know as “Bethel Idol,” gives students a chance to share their singing talents and become a campus celebrity. This year’s competition has gone through a change, switching from “Bethel Idol” to “Bethel's Voice."

But why the change from an event modeled after the TV show “American Idol,” to one with a different format, based on “The Voice”?

Music Productions, part of Student Activities and new to BSA this year, organized the competition. Planning for this school year’s event began in June.

When the group examined feedback from last year’s “Bethel Idol,” they felt that the event needed a change. Simply, an event name with “Idol” in it didn’t represent the values of Bethel University.

The name wasn’t the only thing that changed, however. “The Voice” is a different format from that of “American Idol,” so the Music Productions team restructured the singing competition around the new name, "Bethel’s Voice.”

Junior Dayna Pitts, director of Music Productions, believes that the reception to this change is really positive.

“People are embracing the new format,” Pitts said. “Word has gotten out. Lots of younger students auditioned, more than double the amount of people auditioned [from last year].”

The new format seems to be as popular as the television show it’s based on. Auditions were held Oct. 29 and Oct. 30, and contestants were notified by Thursday, Nov. 1, if they made it to round one of the competition.

According to Pitts, “There was so much talent this year.” And as a result, 12 contestants were chosen by the judges, as opposed to eight contestants last year. The top 12, consisting of six guys and six girls, were paired up to do duets for round one, known as the “Battle Round.”

The event will take place Friday, Nov. 16, in the Underground, from 9-11 p.m. However, unlike “Bethel Idol,” the competition is less of a popularity contest, as it isn’t judged by the audience. Instead, the judges will eliminate singers until six remain for round two.

In round two, the judges will again eliminate contestants, leaving only the top two. Finally in round three, the winner of the competition will be chosen by the audience.

“I’m excited to have something new and different,” said Pitts. And so are the top twelve. 

Freshman Ariana Babcock, one of the top twelve, said that “nothing is better than the chance to perform in front of an audience.”

Both Babcock and her duet partner, sophomore Jake Nold, are excited to be part of Bethel’s own version of “The Voice.” Although, in Jake’s case, he probably wouldn’t have auditioned without a little encouragement. “My friends convinced me, forcefully, to try out.”


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