Voting information for Election Day

November 5, 2012 | 5:58 p.m.

Resources for Bethel students looking to vote on Tuesday

Voting information for Election Day

Minnesota residents will be able to vote for President, as well as two State Constitution amendments and a variety of local offices. | MCT

The office of Secretary of State Mark Ritchie has provided a resource to help Minnesotans vote on Tuesday. Here is the information they sent to The Clarion recently, with links to the informational hub at

On November 6, 2012, Minnesota’s eligible voters will decide ballot questions and choose the federal, state and local government officials whose decisions will affect our daily lives.  Now is the time for all eligible voters, including students, to get informed about what they need to do to prepare to vote and to successfully cast their ballot on Election Day.

Get Registered.  Students can check to see if they are registered to vote by using the Voter Registration Lookup tool at:  If they are not registered, they can still register to vote on Election Day by providing proof of residence.   More information on Same Day registration and student voting is available at:

Get Informed. To educate themselves about the voting process and the many important decisions they will make when they vote, students should visit  This one-stop voter information resource includes My Ballot, an online tool that provides each voter with their sample ballot along with information on the candidates and ballot questions. Voters can also use the Polling Place Finder to help locate where they vote.

Go Vote! Polls are open on November 6th from 7 AM – 8 PM (in most areas).  Start planning now for when and where you vote.  Encourage other eligible voters to join you at the polls.  The simple act of voting is the most powerful and important civic responsibility of a free people.  I encourage eligible student voters to get registered, get informed and go vote on November 6!


Mark Ritchie
Minnesota Secretary of State


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