Curtains part on 'The Curious Savage'

October 30, 2012 | 11 a.m.

Bethel's theatre department puts on the first show of the year, a comedy featuring an eclectic group of characters 

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Curtains part on 'The Curious Savage'

The cast of "The Curious Savage" prepares for their opening show on Nov. I. Before starting rehearsal, the cast dances together to build up a positive community and atmosphere. | Drea Chalmers

As opening night quickly approaches, Bethel’s theatre department is in the final stages of preparing for “The Curious Savage,” their first production this year.

The comedic show’s plot is centered around a woman named Ethel Savage, who is left with a large sum of money after her husband dies. Fighting her three stepchildren, who all want the money for themselves, Ethel wishes to start a charity. The children, in return, commit their stepmother to a sanatorium where Ethel meets quirky characters whose oddities help her achieve her goals.

The cast consists of 11 students from all grades. A unique aspect about this show, that is uncommon for most Bethel shows, is the fact that each student has the ability to play a character that is within five years of their actual age.

The leading lady who plays Ethel, Ginny Leutgeb, is a senior who decided to pursue her degree in theatre later in life. Because of this, she is “Ethel in the flesh,” according to cast mate Krissi Dines, who plays Fairy May, a sanatorium resident.

“I must say [Ginny] is an inspiration to all,” said Dines.

As it is Dines’ first Bethel show, she is excited, nervous and grateful for the rare opportunity to play such an eccentric character. Fairy May is a “compulsive liar and very over-the-top,” according to Dines.

The main challenge for the actors and actresses in this play, said Dines, is “transporting peers and classmates into a world where they're meeting your character for the first time.” The cast hopes that viewers will not see classmates and friends in the play, but rather the characters of the story.

With rehearsals starting in the beginning of September, the cast has had almost two months to rehearse the show and prepare for opening night.

“We've worked hard as a cast and being able to share our hard work with our peers is the most exciting and rewarding thing I could imagine,” Dines said.

The opening show, set for Nov. 1, will be held in the Black Box Theatre at 7:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased from the Bethel Box Office. All Bethel CAS students receive one free ticket and can purchase additional tickets for $6. General admission prices are $10. 


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