Youtube pick of the week: K6 Productions

November 5, 2012 | 11 a.m.

A group of sophomore roommates spend their time making videos relating to the unique humor of the Bethel community

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Youtube pick of the week: K6 Productions

The K6 group. | Photo for The Clarion courtesy of Lance Dozier

When it comes to roommate bonding, some stay up late and talk, while others go out and do fun things off campus. However, one group of sophomores has taken roommate bonding to a whole new level. The men living in Arden Village K6 have started a YouTube channel called “TheDozChannel,” dedicated to making videos geared specifically toward things Bethel students find funny.

The sophomore roommates include Lance Dozier, Joe Zorn, Will Van Duzer, Matt Pryor, Nick Vander Vorst and Luke Horstman. Together, they brainstorm and plan videos throughout each week.

While the K6 videos have not necessarily gone “viral,” they have started to acquire quite the video viewership around campus, with over 5,000 views. The group advertises across both Twitter and Facebook in hopes of seizing more viewers, said Lance Dozier, who is in the videos and does all of the editing for the group.

Their first video, “Stuff Bethel Guys Say,” was inspired by a YouTube video made by a University of Arizona student. It was filmed during the weeks preceding the start of the school year. The video was released on the first day of school, Aug. 27. This video alone has over 1,000 views to date.

The group releases a video every Monday that relates to either their room, something going on around Bethel or to things that Bethel students experience on a daily basis. The videos also include references to people, places and events students love, such as Jay Barnes, Frenchie, the Dining Center and homecoming week.

The men try to incorporate more than just the inhabitants of their own room by interviewing people or having friends and familiar faces around Bethel help them out.

“It has really been fun to get to know other people, like the freshmen, when making the videos,” Dozier said.

The K6 men go all-out in making their videos. Their “Awkward Moments at Bethel” video features a staged tray drop in the crowded Dining Center. Their homecoming video included interviews from players while playing dodge ball.

“I like their subtle humor. The facial reaction responses and all the clever little things are really what make them funny,” said sophomore Kate Allison.

K6 plans to continue making videos throughout the rest of the school year.


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