B.Ro.S.: Bethel Royal Singers

September 13, 2012 | 11 a.m.

A glimpse into Bethel's oldest musical ensemble 

Culture | Amanda Ahlm

B.Ro.S.: Bethel Royal Singers

Students in the Bethel choirs practice multiple times per week. | Matt Kelley

The Bethel Royal Singers, the ensemble formerly known as the Male Chorus, took root, as an all-male group before any of the other Bethel musical groups. It has been revised, removed and re-established throughout the years as participation has fluctuated. In most recent years, it was an elective choir that was an alternative for men who were not in Bethel Choir.

However, according to Dennis Port, the conductor for the Bethel Royal Singers, participation in Male Chorus has been dwindling. Last year Port was approached by sophomore Krissi Dines with an idea to reshape the Male Chorus. They saw the lack of identity as the main reason why the Male Chorus was not as successful as the Women’s Chorale and Bethel Choir.

With the aid of Dines, Port set out to reinvent the Male Chorus, turning it away from typical choral pieces and towards jazzier numbers that will “give the men their own identity,” said Port. Some of the pieces the men have begun to work on include “Start Spreading the News” and “Java Jive.”

Because the group is still in the process of getting off the ground, no official performances have been set. However, Port hopes that this will soon change and believes that the group could potentially sing at an event once they are ready. Since there are no established deadlines, the group is still welcoming new members who are interested in singing. 


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