Clarionion: Freshman student not sure why dropping lunch tray is a good thing

September 13, 2012 | 11 a.m.

Lunch crowd lauds broken dishes 
Freshman student not sure why dropping lunch tray is a good thing

Eating in the DC has become even more entertaining.

Clarionion: Marsha M. Allow

Freshman Walter Hymmer was baffled on Tuesday when he dropped his lunch tray in the DC during the busy lunch rush. “When the tray fell and all my dishes broke, everyone stood and clapped,” said Hymmer. “It’s like they were pleased with what I had done.” 

Hymmer has been utterly confused since that moment. “I’m thinking about dropping my plate every day if it gets me that kind of reaction. It’s like I’m in the spotlight!” commented Hymmer. 

Hymmer also explained that he wasn’t sure why the entire DC clapped for him, and that maybe he’d even clap for himself next time.“It’s just all so exciting,” commented Hymmer. “I love college! Whoo!” 

Hymmer isn’t quite sure what to make of this dining center fiasco, but he says he will continue to eat in the DC regardless of applause. 

Upperclassman Ryan Farling believes that this kind of drama will lead to the unpopularity of the DC.“Eating in the DC used to be so cool… until kids starting dropping their lunch trays.” 

Farling’s concerns are to be considered, but not seriously, due to the fact that dropping trays is something completely miniscule. Students will continue to be clumsy in the DC. 


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