Bethel’s GlobeMed chapter hosts “Who are we?” campaign

December 19, 2013 | 11 a.m.

Students take vow of prayer on toilets to raise awareness for partners in Cambodia

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There are currently 38 students involved in Globemed at Bethel. This month GlobeMed is finishing up their NoShaveNovembeard campaign and took vows of prayer on toilets in various locations across campus. | Photo for The Clarion courtesy of Emily Anderson

Students involved in Bethel’s chapter of GlobeMed spend their day sitting on toilets located in various areas around campus praying. GlobeMed is a non-profit network organization, with its national office based out of Northwestern University in Chicago. Bethel is one of 50 chapters located at undergraduate universities in the United States

Each chapter of GlobeMed is partnered with a grassroots non-profit organization in another part of the world. Bethel partners with the Rural Economic Development Association (REDA) located in Cambodia.

According to GlobeMed External Community Building Director Kelsey Schlichting, REDA is an organization that is in-tuned and present in their community.

“Our project with them is just to assist and walk alongside with whatever they are already doing, our project mainly consists of water pumps, latrines and water filters,” Schlichting said.

GlobeMed raises funds and awareness in order to help REDA improve their own community. At Bethel there are 38 students involved with GlobeMed.

The week of Dec. 2 consists of multiple GlobeMed events. Students can be seen wearing their organization t-shirts everyday. Dec. 5-6 consist of students finishing their NoShaveNovembeard campaign, where votes will be cast for the best facial hair.

On Dec. 4, GlobeMed set up toilets at various locations across campus and students spent the day sitting on them, taking a vow of prayer for their partners in Cambodia. This campaign is titled “Who are we?”

“We are basically trying to get the campus to know what we are doing and who we are, so we are setting up three toilets on campus in different spots. One on the egg in the BC, one in the library and one in the AC lounge,” GlobeMed member Katie Pleschourt said.

A second GlobeMed member set up camp next to their partner praying on the toilet and was available to answer questions and inform students of the campaign throughout the day. The toilets were used because Bethel’s project involved latrines, water pumps and water filters. The students were attempting to increase awareness and pray for the sanitary hygiene of their beneficiaries in the aspiring Cambodian communities.

“You don’t normally see a toilet in the Bethel community just out in the open, so it kind of sparks curiosity and we wanted to do that,” stated Schlichting.

The GlobeMed members who organized this campaign are involved in the external community building branch of the organization.

According to Schlichting, their desire is to build a community between Bethel’s GlobeMed chapter and Bethel itself.

A number of ideas were suggested as to what should be done while on the toilets. In the end, they decided on a vow of prayer.

"We threw around a couple of different things like a vow of silence. We thought that would be kind of cool and impactful, but we landed on a vow of prayer so that the person sitting on the toilet was actually investing intentionally in REDA,” Schlichting said.

Andi Tauer, another member of GlobeMed, said that it is important that Bethel students understand their intentions by partnering with REDA.

“It is special because we are not going into Cambodia with our own preconceived ideas of what they need. REDA is working in the communit, and we are just supporting them and working alongside them. They know what they need, and we are trying to help give them that… It is special compared to a lot of non-profits,” Tauer said.

Students can continue to support GlobeMed by attending their quest forum in January.


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