50 Shades of Winter Gray

February 21, 2013 | 11 a.m.

Students grow weary of the wintry season 

Clarionion | Marsha M. Allo

50 Shades of Winter Gray

Many wish the cold weather would end.

Students at Bethel University have endured the long months of winter in anticipation of Christmas, but now that Christmas is over, students are just plain sick and tired of winter. 

The Christmas music and holiday cheer have passed, but winter certainly hasn’t. Students at Bethel University get to experience a whole six months of wintry, Minnesotan weather, where every day is a different shade of gray ranging from light grays to dark grays to in-between grays. 

“Some days the sky has this ashy grayness,” commented sophomore Mike Harald. 

“But I think this week has been more of a cement grayish color. Monotonous and dull,” Harald added. 

Not everyone thinks that winter is dull and dreary. Sophomore Garrett Chaz takes a slightly different stance. 

“I like to think of the winter season as being more of a dark white,” he explained. “Gray is just too depressing.” 

With only two months of winter left, students are beginning to gain hope that spring will actually come this year. The unexpected dumpings of snow have caused several students to doubt the coming of spring altogether, leading them to consider transferring to a more moderate climate.

“I just can’t take this gray anymore. Day after day. All I see is gray, gray, gray,” murmured Lindsay Tibbeter, a junior here at Bethel. “I just need a change from these terrible winter shades of gray.”

Tibbeter is hanging in there, but hopes the shades of gray will clear up soon and bring in spring.


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