'The Bachelor' Episode 3 recap and fantasy update

January 23, 2013 | 7:02 p.m.

Sean sets a world record and sheds a few tears

'The Bachelor' Episode 3 recap and fantasy update

Sean was so touched by the story of AshLee's childhood that he cried on national television. | ABC

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Sean’s third episode of the bachelor was filled with drama — girl drama.

He started off with a one-on-one date with Lesley M. Their date was quite unlike any bachelor date. ABC decided to air the most awkward 3 minutes and 21 seconds on television by having Sean and Lesley break the world record for longest broadcasted kiss.
Needless to say, any lip lock that lasts more than a minute probably will make viewers feel awkward. To make matters worse, this kiss was performed in front of a large audience on a busy street, some of whom even admitted to mixed feelings about being part of this record breaking moment.

That aside, Sean really has set his eyes on Lesley. It seems as though he has spent the majority of his one-on-one time with her. Naturally, he gave her the rose and in came the group date.

On the group date, 12 of the girls accompanied Sean to the beach, marking ABC’s most transparent attempt this season to show Sean topless. The afterparty only had room for six of the 12 ladies. This turned up the girls’ emotions, as they had to battle it out in a round of beach volleyball to earn their spots for extra time with Sean.

At the exclusive afterparty, Kacie B. tried to stir up drama to make Sean’s opinion of other girls drop, playing tattletale about a conflict between Amanda and Desiree.

“I’m not a drama girl,” Kacie said. But Sean saw through her awkward attempt at manipulation and asked why she was even involving herself in drama, even going as far as to call her a “crazy person.”

Lindsay took the group date rose with a laugh and a flip of her shiny hair, while Kacie realized that her actions really didn’t help her and may even begin her fall from Sean’s attention.

The final date was given to AshLee, the personal organizer. Immediately before their departure, however, Tierra took a tumble. Tierra milked the moment with pathetic groans and some classic whiny-girl face, but seemed to feel suddenly better when paramedics tried to take her to the hospital. Many of the girls doubted the “accidental” part of the incident, suspecting that Tierra staged the moment just to snag some extra time with Sean.

On the date, Sean and AshLee shared a day at a theme park with two chronically ill best friends who have only been in contact online. They both seemed to enjoy doing something generous for these girls, despite having to spend their valuable “one-on-one” time with two other people. If it was a test of AshLee’s unselfish heart, as Sean’s interview seemed to suggest, AshLee passed in impressive fashion.   

After the date, AshLee spilled the beans about her rocky past. This was exactly the card she needed to play in order to become a frontrunner in Sean’s mind. Sean seems to be a sucker for family stories, and even got choked up listening to AshLee’s story.

At the cocktail party, the girls played a mansion-wide game of “Steal Sean,” trying to make final impressions before the rose ceremony.

Kacie B. was eliminated before the ceremony, and Taryn and Kristy were eliminated during the ceremony, leaving Sean with 13 ladies left.

The forerunners at this point in the season seem to be AshLee, Desiree, Lindsay, Lesley and maybe Sarah. We will see how his affections progress as the season goes on.

Personalities have really started to come out, and while she hasn’t really been a frontrunner in Sean’s mind yet, Catherine is consistent in telling it straight and not getting involved in the drama, while still remaining fun and peppy. These seem to be qualities Sean is looking for, but he is going to have to take some time to get to know her.

The problem for ABC with this season of The Bachelor is that their “star,” Sean, doesn’t really have the superstar qualities that create drama in the show. The network is going to really have to rely on the crazies, which are still plentiful at this point, to keep the drama going. With Kacie B. no longer in the mix, Amanda and Tierra are going to have to do a lot more stirring in order to keep ABC happy.

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'The Bachelor' Episode 3 recap and fantasy update

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'The Bachelor' Episode 3 recap and fantasy update

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