'The Bachelor' preview and fantasy league draft

January 7, 2013 | 5:56 p.m.

Heartthrob Sean Lowe will meet 26 starry-eyed Bachelorettes Monday on ABC

Sean Lowe

Sean Lowe was previously on "The Bachelorette," when he left heartbroken after being one of the final three contestants. |ABC

Culture | Matt Kelley and staff

With the 17th season of “The Bachelor” set to kick off tonight at 7 p.m. CT, a few of the more reality-TV-loving staff members of The Clarion decided to have a fantasy draft. As if any fantasy draft wasn’t hard enough, we made selections based on only on mug photos, pet preferences and jobs. Sounds solid.

Despite our lack of familiarity with the Bachelorettes, four of our five participants had Catherine at the top of their lists (Bethany had Desiree at No. 1). The scoring system, listed below, rewards some amount of shenanigans, but the maximum number of points can be gained by staying in competition for the longest time, eventually rewarding the winner.

Goes on a one-on-one date +30
Gets a rose on a date +25
Gets a rose at a ceremony +20
Goes on two-on-one date +20
Makes out with Sean +15
Goes on group date +10
Talks about their “connection” or “chemistry” +10

Excessive crying -20
Sent home BEFORE the rose ceremony -25
Sent home AT the rose ceremony -15
Sent home on a two-on-one date -30
Says, “I’m here for Sean, not to make friends.” -20
Gets bleeped out in interview  -10
Storms off from group date -10

First person to get eliminated +30
First kiss +50
First impression rose +25
First to cry -25
Goes on hometown date +15

This season’s Bachelor, Sean Lowe, will be familiar to some, last seen heartbroken as he left “The Bachelorette” after making the final three. But the Texas-born, ab-wielding stud is back again to fill the void that Emily left. And Sean’s wholesome, family-centered approach should be a welcome relief after the last iteration of “The Bachelor,” which ended with Ben Flajnik picking Courtney Robertson, the girl that girls love to hate.

With Sean’s assumed preferences fresh in mind, we picked girls in a classic snake draft. There are 25 standard Bachelorettes and one return appearance from a mystery lady, making 26 choices in all for Sean to pick from.  

Jenny Hudalla, sports editor

1. Catherine

10. Selma

11. Ashlee

20. Daniella

21. Sarah

Amanda Ahlm, culture editor

2. Tierra

9. Amanda

12. Paige

19. Kelly

22. Ashley H.

Bethany Hanson, copy editor

3. Desiree

8. Lauren

13. Taryn

18. Ashley P.

23. Robyn

Betsy Wriedt, managing editor

4. Katie

7. Keriann

14. Kristy

17. Diana

24. Leslie

Matt Kelley, editor-in-chief

5. Lindsay

6. Jackie

15. Lesley

16. Lacey

25. Brooke

We'll update scores regularly, so feel free to play along. At the end of the season, we'll have a Clarion champion. Can you beat our best?


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