Student risks life and limb for fashion’s sake

March 7, 2013 | 11 a.m.

Clarionion | Collin D'Kopps

Student risks life and limb for fashion’s sake

No images regarding the incident were publishable on a Bethel website, so instead, this is First-Aid Barbie.

We have all heard the phrase, “beauty is pain,” but last week one Bethel student took that concept to the extreme.

On Monday, sophomore Jennifer McYoung took an unexpected trip to the emergency room as a result of her choice in fashion. Her morning began like any other: picking an outfit.

“Since I really hate Mondays, I decided that I wanted to be comfortable. My obvious choice was a Bethel sweatshirt and a pair of black leggings,” McYoung said.

She had recently purchased the leggings at Target and had yet to wear them.

“They felt good when I first put them on,” McYoung commented. “I mean, they were a little tight, but there’s no such thing as too tight when it comes to leggings.”

As McYoung went about her day, attending classes, chapel and meals, she began to notice a strange feeling in her feet.

“They felt a little tingly, I guess, but they were also getting cold and throbbing a lot,” McYoung said. “And my UGG boots generally keep my feet very warm, so I knew something was up.”

By dinner she was feeling intense pain in her feet. After getting back to her dorm room, McYoung took off her boots and realized her feet were red and swollen much beyond their normal size.

“It kind of freaked me out. I generally pride myself on having pretty feet, but that night they just looked gross,” McYoung said.
Her roommates immediately took her to the ER.

Savannah Milton, one of McYoung’s roommates, commented, “When we decided to take Jenny to the ER, she could barely walk, and she couldn’t feel her feet at all. I was seriously worried that they would have to be amputated!”

When the girls arrived at the ER, the doctors quickly realized that McYoung’s leggings had been cutting off circulation to her feet all day. Out came the scissors, and soon the new leggings were nothing but shreds of fabric on the floor. McYoung asked the doctors to compensate her for the leggings. They denied her request.

The roommates returned to Bethel later that evening, with McYoung sporting a pair of scrub bottoms. Her only instructions from the doctors: never wear leggings that cut off blood flow.

McYoung said, “I honestly don’t think they were too tight … I probably just wore them too long.”

Since McYoung’s incident, other girls have reported instances of losing circulation in their feet as well – just not to this degree. But this epidemic is not about to change fashion trends on campus. McYoung is planning on visiting Target within the next few days, and new leggings are on her shopping list.

“I might go down a size,” she stated. “I think I just need to give myself more time to break them in ... work my way up to wearing them for a whole day.”

Despite the health hazards of wearing leggings, it looks like Bethel girls will continue to cling tightly to this popular fashion item.


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