Snowed in

March 7, 2013 | 11 a.m.

Culture | Amanda Ahlm

Snowed in

Photo of the Week. | Photo for The Clarion by Matt Kelley

On Tuesday morning the majority of Bethel students were woken up by a call at 5:42. “Bethel University staff, students and faculty, due to winter weather, classes are canceled for Tuesday, March 5.” Students groggily tweeted about the snow day and then went back to bed. For many, this was a day that they thought would never come during their years at Bethel. The real questions is, what did Bethel students do with this unexpected day off?

“I’m going to catch up on some homework that I should have done days ago.” --Katie Chapin

“Pack for warmer weather.” --Krissi Dines

“Order $50 worth of Chinese delivery with the other girls on my floor! It's too cold to go to the DC!" --Sarah Boadwine

“Go build A Fire and make some hot soup." --Neil Eukel

“I’m gonna be a bum and play some Pokemon.” --Cameron Braund

“Getting bigger biceps in preparation for spring break.” --Josh Little

“I’ll Probably go outside and play in it.” --Steven Seaberg

“I’m going to read the Wall Street Journal and drink chai tea.” --Matt Sandquist

“Try to shovel off people’s cars.” --Briana Teal

“I slept in. That was pretty fun.” --Grady Rolando


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