Faces of Bethel: Dan Minea

November 11, 2013 | 11:51 a.m.

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Minea's involvement throughout the past three and a half years at Bethel include graphic designing for BSA, beginning an ultimate Frisbee league and being the current president of BBEA | Photo for The Clarion by Drea Chalmers

As Dan Minea’s senior year at Bethel University kicks off, he is not only the head of Bethel Business & Economics Association (BBEA), but he is also leading a spring break missions trip to Guatemala. Minea has a lot on his plate for his final year, but being busy is all Minea has ever known.

Minea was homeschooled until the fifth grade when his family moved from Burnsville to Shakopee, and he started public school. During high school Minea enjoyed football, basketball and track. He kept busy with sports, work and CIS (College in the School) classes.

When it was time to start thinking of colleges, Minea admits that Bethel wasn’t on his radar, but his final decision was based on following God’s plan. “God was really saying, you gotta go to Bethel.” Minea said.

Minea kept on a busy track at Bethel by starting up an ultimate frisbee league his freshman year. His junior year he was asked to be the graphic designer for BSA and worked on major projects including Gadkin movies, Nikdag movies and banquet recaps.

His plans for senior year reached even higher when he applied for executive director of communications and marketing for BSA along with applying for the president position of BBEA. Minea learned the day of his interview for the communications and marketing position that he had landed president of BBEA.

“That was awesome and such a blessing,” said Minea.

Being president of BBEA comes with a lot of responsibilities. BBEA is the largest branch of BSA, and its members exceed the size of BSA itself. BBEA consists of 16 head positions with the president, Minea, and two vice presidents, Mike Schmalzer and Kelsey Kielb. The remaining positions are occupied by heads of particular departments, such as in graphic designers and social media coordinators.
BBEA meets weekly and discusses ways that they can help students apply the skills that they are learning at Bethel. “At BBEA we give people a chance to apply practical skills,” Minea explains.

The practice of these skills include site visits for students who want to learn more about certain businesses and more activities that allow students to apply their learning. A recent project that the BBEA club is working on is coordinating how to host a small business internship fair at Bethel so students have easy access to connect with local businesses for possible internships.

Having personal experience with an internship at the small business of Nemer Feiger, Minea knows the importance of landing that first internship and being a light in his workplace. Minea was the only Christian out of his regular co-workers at Nemer Feiger. Minea realized that by being a trusting and reliable worker he could show God’s light in his work environment.

“Business is not just a place to do work, but it is a mission field in itself," said Minea.

Along with being the president of BBEA, Minea is involved in mission work. This spring break of 2014, he is leading a mission trip to Guatemala through campus ministries and Students International. He will be leading a group of 15 students, whose goals are to establish intentional relationships and to be involved with the longevity of the mission. Minea stresses how ministry goes beyond our God-given skills and blessings into a desire to know the people and improve their living for the long term.

It is clear that Minea has accomplished a lot at Bethel University and plans for his future are just as bright. His ultimate dream would be to make an avenue of action available for global injustices through marketing.

For now, Minea is focused on landing a job after he graduates in the spring. He is interested in working with a local advertising firm, Periscope, which he resonates with because of their emphasis on athletics. “I have no idea where I’m going to end up but I’m trying not to get too rooted and just say 'God, wherever you want me, I’ll go.'”


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