Fantasy football: the Bethical way

September 27, 2013 | 11 a.m.

Bethel students share unique ways of enjoying the fall tradition

Sports | Stephen Chang

As summer ends and fall begins, the great phenomenon of American football comes into full swing. Along with the tailgating and Sunday afternoons spent firmly planted on the couch, there comes yet another facet of the NFL football lifestyle – fantasy football.

Fantasy football emerged in its online form in 1997, when CBS launched the first public website dedicated to the game. Fantasy football pits a group of players together in an interactive simulation style game, wherein players draft real NFL players from a variety of teams to
create their own super-team to play against their friends. Each week when the real-life NFL players play, their statistics are updated in correlation to the site, and players earn points based on their chosen players' performances. Each league has different rules, but for the most part, players receive points for scoring touchdowns and gaining yards.

Traditionally, pools operate the basis of a pot, in which players in the pool each put money in, and the winner at the end of the season takes the majority of the winnings.

Matt Mehlhorn, a sophomore defensive back on Bethel’s football team, has a unique reward and punishment system in his fantasy league.

The prize in Mehlhorn's league isn't monetary. “The winner gets pride and bragging rights. With a group of competitive guys that plenty of incentive.” Mehlhorn said.

Additionally, the person with the worst record at the end of the season is subjected to some rather cruel and unusual punishment.

“The loser in our league has to go on a first date with a girl from a dating site that we sign him up for," Mehlhorn added. "We’re pretty interested to see how this turns out.”

Mehlhorn added that in another league that he is in, the loser has to take the ACT test all over again.

In Bethel's environment,where the Covenant prohibits gambling in all its forms, students must be creative. Rather than betting money, they are putting their pride and dignity on the line. While the winner gets spoiled, it is certain that no one wants to lose in either of Mehlhorn’s leagues.


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