Reconciliation major partners with Sodexo

April 25, 2013 | 11 a.m.

The groups work together to bring new flavors to the DC

Clarionion | Marsha M. Allo

Reconciliation major partners with Sodexo

Though reconciliation is a tough job, it's got some sweet rewards.

Reconciliation is huge at Bethel University, but one reconciliation student has taken the idea to a whole new level.

Hannah Grunger, a junior reconciliation major, is seeking to incorporate more flavors of ice cream in the Dining Center.

“We just don’t have variety,” said Grunger. “The student body needs to be able to enjoy the benefits of all flavors.”

Grunger believes that incorporating more flavors of ice cream in the DC will benefit the student body immensely.

“More ice cream flavors will bring so much diversity to this institution,” Grunger stated.

Grunger also says she was influenced by former reconciliation majors who reconciled the DC ice cream once before.

“A former reconciliation major is credited with reconciling the two flavors we have currently, ultimately inventing what we know as the twist cone,” commented Grunger. “And we all know that a twist cone is the best.”

With this in mind, Grunger hopes to have at least 428 new flavors added by next year.

“I really think we can do it,” she stated. “It starts with awareness of the situation and then moves into a process to change it. So, we are starting awareness by telling people that it’s okay to have more than one flavor. It’s okay to make a twist cone out of strawberry and mint chocolate chip!”

Grunger hopes the student body will join in her efforts to bring new flavors to the DC.

“We can do it,” she said. “We can reconcile all the ice cream!”


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