Fashionable Bethel Professors

April 25, 2013 | 11 a.m.

Culture | Drea Chalmers, Amanda Ahlm, Betsy Wriedt and Greta Sowles for The Clarion

Fashionable Bethel Professors

Professor Victor Ezigbo strikes a pose. | Photos for The Clarion by Greta Sowles

Victor Ezigbo, BTS

Do you have an inspiration for how you dress?

One, I think it’s partly cultural. I grew up with friends and siblings in the eastern part of Nigeria. Semi-casual was cultural for us during the time that I was growing up. I also worked part-time in a clothing shop in Edinburgh, Scotland when I was a student. It was a clothing shop called River Island. I did that when I was getting my master’s degree.

You’re always layering. Why is that?

I am always cold. It is warm in Nigeria.

Does your wife ever pick out an outfit for you?

She will normally tell me if she doesn’t like what I am wearing. She will say, “This is not my favorite.” And I know that it’s a code word for, “Go wear something else.”

What is a definite no-no in terms of style?

When people wear a nice pair of pants with tennis shoes. That’s the only thing that doesn’t work for me. I want people to express themselves.

What is your favorite place to shop?

Nordstrom, but most of the things I wear are things that I got from the United Kingdom. When I buy stuff, I buy stuff that lasts forever.

Do you think that Bethel professors should dress up?

If [wearing sweats] is culturally acceptable here, then that’s fine. In many places [not dressing up] would be offensive. In Nigeria, it would be quite offensive to some people, especially in many universities in eastern Nigeria, and that’s why for me I can’t do that here.

Marion Larson, English

How would you describe your style/philosophy for how you dress?

I like to be comfortable and I don’t like to look like everyone else. I have green pants and orange shoes that I like to wear. I like to have one element in the outfit that is noticeable.

How do you plan out your outfit?

Usually the day before. It usually starts off with, “I want to wear this, so what can I mix with it.”

Where do you like to shop?

Gap, Eddie Bauer and a consignment store close to my house.

Do you feel that your style fits the English department ‘look’?

I don’t think there is a particular English department style, but I try to look unique.

Do you have any extra comments?

Amy Poppinga came into my office once and was wearing an outfit that I would typically wear, and she said ‘I’m rocking the Larson.’

Lex Thompson, Art

How would your wife describe your look?

She told me yesterday that I was too colorful.

How do you choose your outfit for the day?

You need to lay out your outfit the night before. You need to be prepared.

Do you have a favorite outfit?

My kids ruined my favorite pants.

Where do you like to shop?

I don’t like to shop at any particular place. It’s a mixture of places.

Jessica Henderson, Art

How would you describe your look?

Easy, preppy and artsy.

Do you have a philosophy on your look?

I basically wear the same thing every day. It’s dark jeans, a button-up shirt and a cardigan. It allows me to dress in layers because sometimes it gets hot in here.

Where do you like to shop?

J-Crew. You get a teachers’ discount.

Michelle Westmark, Art

Do you see the influence of art in your wardrobe?

I tend to be drawn to bright colors, but I also wear a lot of black. Interestingly, I have noticed most of the art professors tend to wear a lot of black. My favorite colors to wear are blue and

Where do you normally shop?

H&M, Target, Gap and Banana Republic.

What is your favorite outfit?

Three black dresses that I mix and match with. I like dresses. That’s like basically all I wear – I think they are super comfortable.

Does your family ever comment on your clothing choices?

I have two little girls and they refuse to wear anything but dresses. When I do wear pants, they’re like, ‘why are you wearing pants?’

What would you say is the “official” professor dress code?

I would say professors are supposed to wear elbow patches and tweed jackets. I only have one of those and it hasn’t made it in the rotation too much.

What is your favorite accessory to shop for?

I have a lot of scarves – the infinity scarves are my favorite. I also like purses a lot.

John Rudberg, Business and Economics

What is your basic everyday outfit?

Tie, button-down, sport coat, nice pants.

Why do you dress the way that you do?

I dress this way for four reasons: 1. I teach in the business department, so I wear business attire. 2. I want to show the students what
business attire is. 3. It’s a confidence issue. When you dress well, you feel more confident. 4. I am here for service. If I have the opportunity to serve God, why would I not want to look my best?

Do you do all your own shopping?

I do. However, I get help from my daughter from time to time.


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