BU junior launches local music blog

April 11, 2013 | 11 a.m.

Celeste Harlow's blog has already garnered attention from City Pages, The Current and several local bands

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BU junior launches local music blog

Harlow recounts her experiences and offers a few blogging tips.

Some people listen to music casually, while others are more serious fans. Bethel junior Celeste Harlow would consider herself a “junkie,” especially when it comes to the Minneapolis music scene.

Whether it’s a more intimate house venue like Live Letters Loft or a larger venue like 7th Street Entry, Harlow wants to be there.

When asked about her music interests, she said, “If it’s Minneapolis, it’s me.”

Together with her friend Mattie Buezis, a student at the University of Minnesota, Harlow has recently taken this passion and combined it with her interest in writing to create a website.

The website – mnmusicjunkie.com – is dedicated to concert reviews, album releases and all things Minneapolis music.

“The Minneapolis music scene is phenomenal for a lot of reasons,” Harlow said. “The musicians themselves are extremely talented and there is a really cool vibe and cool sound that comes out of here.”

Their website was launched last month and has taken off since then, according to Harlow. It is followed by The Current, City Pages and many local bands.

MN Music Junkie has allowed the women to network within the music scene and has even given them opportunities to individually do publicity for the bands, separate from the website.

The creation and upkeep of this site has been no small feat for Harlow and Buezis. Harlow said that each week she puts approximately five hours into research, 15 hours into writing and editing, and goes to at least three shows.

However, the site has some obvious perks. In addition to the networking, the two women have already received free tickets to shows as an incentive for them to go and write about the bands. The duo’s goal is to eventually not have to pay for any concerts they want to go to.

While Harlow and Buezis are honest with their readers as to their own music tastes and preferences, they are open to every genre and want to explore everything that Minneapolis has to offer. They take readers’ suggestions and input, and from that have been able to expand their own horizons.

One way Harlow can see the site expanding in the future is through a forum that encourages community among fans and listeners of local music.

“The fans and the musicians are really well connected, but there is not a lot of community among the fans. People that are really excited about music here don’t really have an avenue to connect with one another,” Harlow said.

While Harlow does not know if this site could ever get big enough for her to make a living, it has given her the relevant experience she needs to pursue a career in music as well as an outlet to connect with other music “junkies” like herself.

Celeste's blogging tips

1. Be okay with being passionate about something.

2. Act upon that passion.

3. Know that there are other people that share your same interests.

4. Do something to set yourself apart.

5. Stick around. The blogs that stick around and stay consistent are the ones that end up becoming popular.

6. Promote your blog through social media, and interact with followers.

7. Find people who can benefit from what you are writing about.


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