Royal Legacy builds scholarship fund

May 1, 2013 | 11 a.m.

Culture | Amanda Ahlm

Royal Legacy builds scholarship fund

Royal Legacy builds on a longstanding scholarship fund each year.

The question, “How am I going to pay for college?” rings through many students’ heads on a daily basis. One group on campus is working to get those who enjoyed their own Bethel education involved in reducing that financial headache for future Bethel students.

Royal Legacy is a student organization that works to connect students and alumni, sustain Bethel traditions and help give access to a Bethel education through the Royal Fund and the Royal Legacy Scholarship.

The Royal Fund is completely funded by students and alumni, which, according to Bethel’s definition, means any student that has earned 30 or more credits at Bethel.

The group meets four times per week, twice to call alumni and twice to meet to plan events and brainstorm promotion ideas. Events this year have included the celebration of John Alexis Edgren’s birthday and gift drives in Heritage and the Underground. The Heritage event resulted in over 40 students giving toward the Royal Legacy Scholarship.

The team hopes to continue planning more events that emphasize the history and tradition of Bethel. “We don’t want ILA to be the only time students learn about their school,” said Karee Johnson, a member of Royal Legacy.

One thing that Royal Legacy is emphasizing right now is the senior class gift drive. This is no ordinary senior gift. Instead of spending the money on an object to remember the class, such as a bench, the gifted money will be put into an endowment that will collect annual interest.

Each year the fund will have more money to give toward student scholarships, making Bethel more affordable for future students.

“Our goal in the senior class gift drive is to provide those who are graduating the opportunity to pass on the legacy through helping out a new Bethel student," said Johnson. I view it as a way of saying thank you and really making Bethel a reality for someone else.”

The group is challenging every senior to give a gift of $20.13 in honor of their class year. Every gift given, no matter the monetary value, will be matched.

In the future, the group hopes to expand and allow more students to help, since right now it only consists of callers for the Bethel Phonathon.
For now, they plan on continuing to raise funds and hope to get more students and alumni involved.


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