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October 4, 2013 | 11 a.m.

BSA plans on a homecoming week for the books

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A month has passed since the start of the school year, and naturally, with classes beginning to bog students down, the student body is in need for something big to help it unwind.

Homecoming week has often been described by students as the craziest, most entertaining Bethel event of the year. Because it is such a large event, Homecoming is only possible through the blood, sweat and tears of dedicated student committees. Throughout the years, these committees have built up and improved Homecoming week to the spectacle it is now.

Homecoming 2013 consists of the cheer kick-off/tug-of-war, dodgeball tournament, powderpuff football/guys dance contest, medallion hunt and banner contest. The week ends with the banquet, a 5K run and the Homecoming football game.

BSA’s preparation for the week of events involves a large amount of planning and number crunching. Their primary goals are to make the week enjoyable, give it variety and keep it under budget. Here is a glimpse into the numbers that BSA works with in the planning of the Homecoming banquet, as well as some other Homecoming facts.

Homecoming Statistics

• 150 tables at the banquet, 10 to a table
• 1500 people attend the banquet
• 1 of 2 photo ops by BSA in a year
• 65 BSA committee members working on Homecoming
• 30% toward food and catering
• 10% toward renting facilities
• 20% toward decorations
• 40% of banquet budget goes toward tables and chairs
• Homecoming banquet is 1 of the 3 banquets held during the school year
• 1 of 5 dances in the school year
• 1 freshman girl will always come in a prom dress
• 1 freshman guy will always come in a tux

Information from Brianna Hershey


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