3900 Grill to receive long-desired power outlets

March 28, 2014 | 11 a.m.

Power outlets to be installed in popular study spot this summer

News | Sarah Boadwine

After many years of anticipation and desire for more outlets in the 3900 Grill, Bethel students are about to be satisfied. Student Senate has passed a bill for the installation of power outlets in the common student study area.

According to Sophie Nagle, Student Senate campus involvement committee head, outlets will be added to the Grill during summer 2014 through a $9,500 project.

Senate has been pushing to have these outlets installed in the Grill for years, and as of last year, the plan was to split the project into two parts, with one part being approved during the 2012-2013 school year. The first part ended up not happening last year because of a last minute projector break that the school could not afford to replace, meaning that Senate ended up covering the cost. This means that this year the bill to install the outlets was already written, the research was finished and the quote was done.

In order for the bill to be passed, student senators first came up with the idea with the help of fellow students. They then had to draft the bill and present it to Senate. According to executive director Alex Hintz, this particular project was interesting because it was spread out over two years. He believes that this is because it is such a massive project with many details.

Since the beginning of the year, Senate has known that adding the outlets would be a major goal for this year. According to Nagle, when the budgets were made at the beginning of the year, the budget for the campus improvement funds was increased to allow for this project.

“Student Senate has worked very hard on this project and has met a ton of roadblocks,” said Hintz. “However, the senators who worked on this project refused to give up, and we finally got it passed and approved by Bethel.”

According to both Nagle and Hintz, the most requested thing by students has been to add outlets to the 3900 Grill.

“We discovered that every time we asked people, ‘What do you want Senate to do for you?’, it is the only thing that they want,” Nagle said. “We can’t get students to list anything else except the outlets.”

According to Hintz, when Bethel built the Grill, they didn’t think it would become a popular homework spot; therefore, they only put a few outlets in. As the Grill has become more and more popular, Student Senate has seen that there is a huge need for more outlets and decided this project would be a good use of money.

Nagle explained that the most difficult part of the process has been being in contact with Facilities Management.

“Facilities Management is constantly out and about, so they don’t answer phones and they don’t check emails,” she said. “They do a lot, so they are constantly out in the trucks or around the school, so it is literally impossible to contact them.”

Nagle did state how helpful Facilities Management has been throughout the process regardless.

Nagle said installing the outlets is the type of thing that Senate can do and wants to do. They are always looking for projects and are glad to be able to do something that people actually care about.

“It’s fun for us to see people get excited about a project, because a lot of people don’t really know what BSA is or how Senate works,” Nagle said. “It is nice for Senate to have something that is visible like this, so we are all super excited about that, and hopefully people will contact us that way.”

Student Senate is in the process of looking for more students to get involved in projects just like this one. There are two open senior positions, two open junior positions and two open sophomore positions. Anyone who is interested can contact a-hintz@bethel.edu for more information.


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