Bethel remains active during summer months

May 24, 2014 | 11 a.m.

News | Laura Jahnke

After students have moved out, some think Bethel turns into a ghost town. Where students used to throw Frisbees and study in the sun, we imagine tumbleweeds blowing into scattered potholes.

But Bethel does not turn to dust during the summer. Instead, the campus stays alive by putting on a number of camps and programs throughout the summer.

Students have the option to live on campus throughout the summer in Danielson and Turnwall. There are a number of summer job options on campus, including facilities management, residence life and admissions. Students that live and work on campus keep Bethel life vibrant, even throughout the summer.

At Bethel, like many other universities, there are numerous summer classes offered in disciplines including biblical and theological studies, business, communications, psychology, various sciences and general studies.

There are three options for class terms: full summer, June and late summer. All summer classes are completed by Aug. 17. Most of the classes are offered online, but there are a few options offered on campus, such as chemistry, sign language, Spanish, guitar and jazz dance.

Bethel is bustling with sports camps throughout the summer. Soccer and tennis offer co-ed, weeklong camps where youth can compete with other youth in the area.

Volleyball, basketball and cross country offer overnight camps as well for high school aged students, where youth stay in the dorms with Bethel athletes acting as RAs. Athletes work these camps throughout the summer, leading worship, gospel-centered skits and character-building activities while acting as positive role models for participants.

Academic camps also occur during the summer. The journalism department hosts a mini-journalism camp titled #MyMediaCamp for one weekend each summer where students experience hands-on learning about media tools and hear from Twin Cities journalists. Participants will practice reporting the news in this interactive camp.

Bethel also hosts a number of conferences throughout the summer, including the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference in July. A number of keynote speakers and pastors attend, and it is a time of renewal and service.

The Young Arts World Piano Festival occurs in July. Youth between the ages of 7 and 18 who are classically trained pianists are invited to participate in this conference. Pianists experience lessons, recitals, forums and competitions and are able to connect with students and teachers who are passionate about classical piano. Students come from across the country to participate.

Cru Inner City will be holding a weeklong conference in July. Cru is Campus Crusade for Christ, and this Inner City program works to bring hope to at-risk youth through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Adventures in Cardboard is also coming to Bethel this summer. This interactive youth program includes creating castles, water-balloon slings and costumes for live-action games. The program involves the trend LARPing -- Live Action Role-Playing -- where students take on personas of warriors, farmers, sorcerers, healers and thieves. There are two weeks where youth can participate in this activity that ignites the imagination.

Throughout the summer months, Bethel students, staff, and faculty also continue to work on various projects, whether through internships, research or service learning. Bethel offers a variety of professional development and experiential learning opportunities that continue until Welcome Week in the fall.


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