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About Frogtown/Summit-University

Frogtown Neighborhood Profile       Summit-University Neighborhood Profile

Frogtown/ Thomas-Dale:

  • History: Settled in 1880s as a working-class neighborhood. Attracted newly arrived immigrants during the early 1900s from Austria and Germany, with some Poles, Swedes and Hungarians.
  • Present: Dominated by University Avenue, Thomas-Dale is traditionally (and more commonly) known as "Frogtown" to the locals, and has been regarded as a neighborhood in transition for decades. Throughout transition, one thing remaining in this neighborhood is the rich culture and diversity.


  • History: Summit-University also includes the historic and gentrifying Cathedral Hill neighborhood, as well as what remains of old "Rondo" - once a full-fledged neighborhood of the city in its own right. Lower Rondo (known to the locals as "Cornbread Valley") served as the center of St. Paul's thriving African-American community dating back to the Civil War, but was nearly obliterated by the construction of Interstate 94 in the late 1950's.
  • Present: Another neighborhood in transition, "Summit-University" is the heart of the local Hmong community as well as the city's other Asian communities, of whom Vietnamese, Laotians and Cambodians are represented in large numbers.

Who’s Who From FSU

  • LeRoy Neiman, artist
  • Jim Lange, original TV host of "The Dating Game"
  • Frederick McGhee, first black criminal lawyer west of the Mississippi River
  • Warren Spannaus, former Minnesota attorney general
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald, writer
  • Dave Winfield, Baseball Hall of Fame left fielder
  • Charles M. Schultz, author of the Peanuts comic strip
  • Gordon Parks, photographer, filmmaker, and writer
  • Jawed Karim, co-founder of YouTube
  • Cy Thao, first Hmong-American politician to serve as a Representative in the legislature
  • Toni Carter, first African-American to serve as a Ramsey Country Commissioner in Minnesota


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