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Want to give your student a boost during finals week or order a birthday cake to celebrate their big day?

Bethel bakers make it easy for you to order fresh-baked treats for your student anytime, and the Bethel Campus Store is ready to help you encourage your student with a customized gift bag. Plus, the Family Relations team offers special gifts that parents and families can purchase for Valentine's Day.

Everyday Encouragement Gift Bags and Campus Store Gift Cards

Celebrate a special day, acknowledge an achievement, or just send a needed perk. Whatever the reason, it's easy to let your student know you're thinking of them! Send a custom gift of encouragement or a Bethel Campus Store gift card to your Bethel student.

Fresh-Baked Treats

Our bakers love nothing more than to make cakes, bars, and other fresh-baked treats just for Bethel students. Order a special treat for your student and send along a personal message.

Valentine's Day Gifts

Send a gift of encouragement to your Bethel student on Valentine's Day. Each Valentine's Day gift is personally assembled by the Alumni and Family Relations team. Your student will receive an email and a notice in their PO Box to stop by Brushaber Commons to pick up your gift and a personalized note from you.