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Testimonial from Prayer Team Leader Frank Doten

Retired pastor and missionary Frank Doten, an alumnus of both Bethel College and the Seminary, is a team leader along with his wife Ginny, whom he met at Bethel. Their five children attended Bethel and now several grandchildren are enrolled. Such generational ties are typical of the members of their group.

Frank Doten lead prayer team

Members of Frank and Ginny’s Doten’s prayer group for Bethel includes Herb and Jean Skoglund, Dick and Elenor Varberg, Dave and Carol Jahnke, Reynold and Marilee Bohleen, and Alden (Bud) and Barbara Lynch.

  “Our prayer team earnestly desires that this generation of students on the Bethel campus will learn to love God with all their hearts; to seek knowledge that will prepare all for God’s glory, service, and leadership; and that the university will truly continue to be a ‘house of prayer and the house of God,’” says Doten.  

“We meet together to pray for Bethel because we care about the development of Christian students who will enter the world as witnesses and servants of Jesus Christ in whatever vocation and wherever the Lord leads them,” Doten continues. “We care about the shared knowledge and wisdom of instructors in each discipline of study and their impact on the students’ understanding in their chosen field of study. We [also] care about the lifelong associations each student is developing, which will influence their own prayer life as well as their lifestyle.”