Bethel Investor

Annual Fund Update

Your support provides additional financial aid for struggling families.

Winter 2010

The Bethel community continues to celebrate the transformation in stewardship of Bethel University by its alumni, parents, and friends. Students and faculty are benefiting daily from the success of the recent Taking the Next Step comprehensive campaign as the Brushaber Commons provides long-needed space to interact beyond the classroom, and new scholarships and grants are awarded. The strong support for Bethel’s Annual Fund helps ensure the quality educational experience expected at Bethel university with funding for faculty grants, chapel speakers, and the full range of necessary student support services.

Enrollment continues to be strong in this challenging economy due in part to Bethel’s ability to provide additional financial aid for families of students who have experienced sudden hardship because of job loss or unexpected medical bills. As we have closed the books on December Annual Fund contributions, which support this financial aid, we are running behind our targeted levels. Donations from June 1 through December 31, 2009, totaled $1,497,875 and our goal by the close of the fiscal year, May 31, 2010, is $3,025,000.

On behalf of the students, faculty, staff, and administration of Bethel University, we invite your support and commit to keeping you informed of Bethel’s successes and needs in the weeks and months ahead.

Bruce Anderson, Vice President for Development