Bethel Focus

Annual Fund: Bridging the Difference

Learn how Bethel's Annual Fund fills the gap between tuition funds and the cost of daily operations.

Spring 2009

Alicia Chong

Alicia Chong was born into a Chinese Buddhist family in Panama and spent most of her life there before her father, a widower with three teenagers, immigrated to Minnesota in 2004. Three years ago she was invited to church by a family friend and became a follower of Christ. Wanting to grow in her new faith, Alicia enrolled at Bethel because of its distinct environment.

“I wanted to be in a community surrounded by other Christians,” she says. A freshman psychology major, Alicia is preparing to become a Christian counselor, modeling Bethel’s mission to renew minds, live out biblical truth, transform culture, and advance the gospel.

Together, the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Adult & Professional Studies/Graduate School, and the Seminary—in three locations across the United States—are working toward the same goal: graduating adventurous Christ-followers, like Alicia, who will change the world.

To continue operating on a daily basis, and sustain students’ transformative process, each school requires more than what tuition and student fees can cover. The difference is bridged through Bethel’s Annual Fund. This money helps sustain Bethel, providing funding for things such as spiritual formation (chapel speakers, short-term missions, discipleship programs), campus upgrades and maintenance (snow removal, library resources, information technology, classroom supplies), and student services (counseling, career guidance, healthcare), just to name a few. Through the Annual Fund, Bethel is also able to give scholarships to students, making a Christ-centered education more accessible—an increasing concern in light of today’s economy.

“It’s a way you can help every student, every day, as it bridges the difference between tuition and actual operating costs,” says Bruce Anderson, vice president for development. ”Contributing to the Annual Fund is one of the most direct ways to impact Bethel.”

Says President Jay Barnes, “The Annual Fund is a gateway for people to get connected to Bethel and its mission of developing adventurous, world-changing Christ-followers.” 

Your donation will help ensure Bethel’s ability to continue to deliver a quality Christian education. 

Interested in giving to Bethel’s Annual Fund? Visit; call 651.635.8050 (toll free: 800.255.8706, ext. 8050); or use the provided envelope.