Bethel Focus

Putting Your Best Body Forward

Students learn how to care for God's temples - our bodies.

Spring 2009 | by Heather Johnson | photos by Scott Streble

Michaela Otto in the human performance laboritory

Be active, be fit. We know that moving our bodies is a good thing—but throw in some stress, a busy schedule, genetic makeup, and for athletes, injuries. How can we take charge of lifestyle choices that can hinder or slow us down? Or what happens when a sprained ankle or wrist benches us in life?

Two programs in Bethel’s health and physical education, athletic training, and exercise science departments are giving students the scientific expertise they need to help answer these questions, and more. They’re preparing Christians to heal and develop our bodies in holistic ways, knowing that they’re not our own, but God’s. Graduates are equipped to bring the message of wholeness completed in Christ to health clinics, locker rooms, and workout facilities across the country.

Sarah Adolph and Chris Harrell Treating Injury: Athletic Training
Tom Ronning Preventing Injury: Exercise Science