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Degree Works Help

Introduction to Degree Works:

Degree Works is a new software that enables students and advisors to track students' progress toward degree completion. It will replace degree evaluations in Self-Service Banner for students whose catalog year is 2017-2018 and later. Students will be able to access the correct tool for their degree evaluation via MyBethel.

 Features of Degree Works:

  • Degree Works always loads with up-to-date data.

  • All majors, minors, and concentrations will display on a single evaluation (as long as they are in the same degree type).

  • Clear color coding and icons to help highlight which graduation requirements are met or unmet.

  • Click on a course or category link to see the course description(s) and planned section offerings for classes which meet that graduation requirement.

  • Advising Notes on the Notes tab, or at the bottom of the degree evaluation, help record advisors’ guidance and advice for students.

  • GPA Calculators help students plan minimum necessary grades in order to achieve overall GPA goals.

  • In Fall 2019, Bethel plans to roll out the Student Educational Planner module of Degree Works, an integrated degree planning tool.

Instructional Videos & FAQs:

Watch the videos below for quick tips on using the key features of Degree Works. If you have additional questions, see the FAQ section below. Additional resources for CAS advisors are available on the Advisor Tools page.

How to read a degree evaluation

More information for CAS students is available on the Advising website.

How to do a What If evaluation

How to use the GPA calculator

How to freeze degree evaluations

For Advisors:

How to look up your advisee list

How to look up a specific student

How to add notes

More information for CAS Advisors here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I think my degree evaluation has an error. What should I do?

A: CAS students should contact the Registrar's Office and CAPS/SEM/GS students should contact their Student Success Advisor.

Q: Can I register for classes in degree works?

A: No, students can register for classes by following the link to Add or Drop Classes in MyBethel.

Q: I'm pursuing two degrees (a BA and BS or MA and certificate). Only one appears on the degree evaluation. How can I check the requirements for my other program of study?

A: Use the "Degree" drop down menu to the right of your name to navigate to the evaluation(s) for your other degree(s).

Q: I'm a double major, but only one appears on the degree evaluation.

A: Most likely, the reason why the major seems to be missing is that it is part of a different degree. Use the "Degree" drop down menu to the right of your name to navigate to the evaluation(s) for your other degree(s). If the major is still missing, CAS students should contact the Registrar's Office and CAPS/SEM/GS students should contact their Student Success Advisor.

Q: I want to change my major. How can I see what would be required if I made this change?

A: See the "How to do a What If Evaluation" video. If you've decided you want to change your major, minor, or concentration, CAS students can fill out this form and CAPS/SEM/GS students can contact their Student Success Advisor.

Q: Can I save or print my degree evaluation?

If you want to take a snapshot in time of your degree evaluation, see the "Freeze Degree Evaluation" video. The easiest way to print a degree evaluation is to save a PDF copy first. Using Google Chrome as your browser, click "Save as PDF" and then click on the print icon. To save a copy for future reference, change the printer to "Save as PDF". Otherwise, choose the Follow Me Printer or your desired printer.

Q: What does the @ symbol mean?

A: The @ symbol is the wildcard. It represents any course subject or course number.

Q: What is the Courses Not Used block?

A: Courses in this block are not counting toward your graduation requirements. After a course has been retaken, the older attempt will be excluded from the student's academic transcript and fall in this area. If the student has audited, withdrawn from, or failed a course, or the student has an incomplete grade for a course, that course will also be displayed in this section.

Q: What is the General Electives block?

A: Courses in this block are not counting toward any specific degree requirements but are counting toward the overall credits required for graduation. They may also be counting toward a different degree.

Still have questions? Contact the Registrar's Office.