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Travel & Rental Partnerships

A variety of rental vehicle options are available for your group needs. While rentals are separate from the Vehicle Pool available for use at no cost to University Departments, any rentals requiring a community member to drive will need an Authorized Driver.

Questions? Contact the Bethel Transportation team.

School buses

First Student buses can be rented for short, cost effective trips.

Cost: Minimum charge for 3 hours is $165.00. Total cost is based on mileage and driver time.
Capacity: Each bus holds 50 adults except for the wheelchair accessible bus that holds 30.

Trailers are available for an additional cost. A requisition must be filled out in SSB along with the bus request form.

Coach buses

Richfield Bus is for longer trips and has large baggage storage.

Cost: Contact Purchasing Services for a quote.

Rental Cars

Bethel holds corporate accounts at several car rental companies. Discounts are available and can be booked using your department credit card.

Bethel Vehicles

A fleet of University vehicles can be requested for department use.


Bethel is a member of the Delta SkyBonus Program which earns Bethel points each time employees fly for business. Contact Purchasing Services for more information.