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Who participates in English Department’s internship?

All English Department majors are encouraged to take advantage of the intership program—it is required for journalism majors and is an option for majors and minors in English Literature and Writing majors to fulfill their capstone experience. Students enrolled in ENW481 have the opportunity to earn 3-4 academic credits and gain valuable experience by applying skills, especially writing skills, they have acquired in their major to a work environment.

How does the course, ENW481, relate to the internship?

In order to gain academic credit, the internship needs to take place while students are enrolled in ENW481: Internship in Writing. This course requires that students submit bi-weekly reports summarizing work content and highs and lows of their experience, meet with the department’s internship instructor several times throughout the semester, get two written evaluations from on-site internship supervisors, and turn in a final portfolio containing a complete record of internship experience.

Prerequisites for ENW481

  1. Students must be either a major or minor in the Department of English.
  2. Prior to enrolling in the course, students must have completed at least 10 credit hours in English.
  3. Students must receive approval from the instructor.

Internship Requirements

  1. Writing-related: Students are expected to receive experience in which they are actively involved in writing, editing, and publishing. This can include publishing/editing, magazine or newspaper journalism, public relations, marketing, non-profit publications, etc.
  2. Supervisor: Students must be supervised at work by an employer/professional. The supervisor will take the responsibility of overseeing the student’s work at the internship site. More specific responsibilities include:
    • Being a liaison person for the internship site. If any special concerns arise during the internship, the supervisor and course instructor should be available to communicate, consult and collaborate if needed
    • Working with the intern to provide personally relevant learning experiences during the internship
    • Completing two short evaluations of the intern’s performance such as writing skills, professional qualities, and the ability to be on time and meet deadlines.
  3. Hours requirement: Students must complete the required number of internship hours. For 3 credits, the student will complete at least 135 hours, and for 4 credits, the student will complete at least 180 credits.
  4. Instructor approval: The internship needs to be approved of by the ENW481 instructor. Students can email the instructor with a description of the internship site and the type of work when they are seriously considering taking the internship.

Planning for and Finding an Internship

Students must have an internship arranged before ENW481 begins. The English department does provide resources to help students find appropriate internship opportunities, though students are responsible for applying to and obtaining these positions. To start the internship search, see the department's internship opportunities page that provides information on internships and contacts. Also fill out the internship contract form from the Registrar’s Office. Students are also encouraged to look beyond what is listed to find internships that match well with their interests.


Please contact Dr. Yu-li Chang Zacher with any additional questions about the internship process or the course.

Dr. Yu-li Chang Zacher
y-changzacher@bethel.edu | 651-638-6149

Student Testimonials

“This opportunity has been one of the greatest experiences of my entire life. Never did I imagine I would be able to work with not only a small team, but an entire corporation dedicated to the growth and love of children. Working at Minnesota Children’s Museum has taught me many things about the workplace and how to be happy with what you are doing. I have been constantly encouraged, supported, and guided during my time as an intern.”
Hannah VonGray '17, Journalism major
Minnesota Children’s Museum, fall 2016

“Early in my internship I was given about 95% of the responsibility of writing the Sunday morning curriculum. I didn’t think I was prepared for this but thankfully, as a good mentor does, my boss tossed me in the deep end. He must have seen something I didn’t… This internship has helped me so much. I have honed my writing skills, learned to work on a real-world schedule, and get the task at hand done effectively. At the moment, because of my hard work and contribution, I have been offered a paid extension on my internship.”
Caleb Werness '16, English Literature and Writing major
Children’s Ministry, Emmanuel Christian Center, Spring Lake Park, fall 2016

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