Our professors are distinguished scholars, active researchers, published writers, and faithful Christians who demonstrate what it means to be both Christ-followers and leaders in their academic fields. As mentors and role models, they play a huge role in the integration of faith and learning at Bethel.

Katie Bonawitz

Associate Professor of Education | katie-bonawitz@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 1998

Areas of expertise

Bonawitz focuses her research in the areas of general education teachers working with students with special needs and special education amidst world religions. Her teaching specialties include history of special education, legal issues related to special education, specific learning disabilities, classroom management, observation, and assessment.

Keith S. Brooks

Associate Professor of Education | k-brooks@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2008

Areas of expertise

Brooks focuses his research in youth development, ethical issues in human services, U.S. history since 1865, culturally responsive instruction, racial equity in schools, and school climate and change. His teaching specialties include issues in education, cultural competence, career development, interpersonal relations, and community and family settings.

Katherine Churchill

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Education | k-churchill@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 1990

Areas of expertise

Churchill is currently writing and illustrating a book on painting activities for intermediate and middle school students. Her interests include acrylic painting and art education.

Sandi Horn

Associate Professor of Education | sandi-horn@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 1997

Areas of expertise

Horn’s research interests include charter school development, experiential learning for teacher education candidates, and integration of social studies concepts into elementary curriculum. Her teaching specialties include introduction to education and elementary social studies methods.

Judi Landrum

jlandrum@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2003

Areas of expertise

Landrum’s research interests include adolescent writing and reading. Her teaching specialties include writing instructional practices, content area reading, young adult literature, and K-12 literature.

Jill Martin

Associate Professor | jmartin@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 1996

Areas of expertise

Martin’s scholarly interests include content area literacy, reflective teaching, and teacher’s use of metacognation. Her teaching specialties include secondary social studies, middle level philosophy and pedagogy, and educational psychology.

Mike Mignard

Director of Educational Clinical Practice | m-mignard@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2002

Areas of expertise

Mignard has prepared presentations related to student teaching, working with Generation Y teachers, preparing for school accreditation, and common mistakes made in teaching. He teaches the Introduction to Education course.

Craig Paulson

Professor | craig-paulson@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2000

Areas of expertise

Paulson focuses his scholarly work in school restructuring, school collaboration, community leadership development, and integration of faith and leadership. His teaching interests include economics, business, and other topics related to school administration at the principal and superintendent level.

Patti Paulson

Professor of Science Education | patricia-paulson@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 1999

Areas of expertise

Paulson focuses her research on attitudes of pre-service teachers toward science and science teaching. For the past 3 years she has coordinated a science education program for inner-city elementary youth. Her teaching interests include life science concepts and science curriculum and methods.

Jolene Pearson

Associate Professor of Education | jolene-pearson@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2012

Areas of expertise

Pearson has focused her research and professional work in pre-service teacher education, professional development for early childhood educators, online education, and infant mental health. Her teaching specialties include premature infants, infant mental health, early childhood special education, and development of early childhood teachers.

Linda Probert

Associate Professor of Education | linda-probert@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 1997

Areas of expertise

Probert's research interests include kindergarten and play. Her teaching specialties include kindergarten education, early childhood education, and introduction to education.

Jay Rasmussen

Professor of Education | rasjay@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 1997

Areas of expertise

Rasmussen’s research interests include literacy patterns of Latino children, literature-based reading programs, behavior patterns of Hmong elementary school children, staff development, and faith integrations. His teaching specialties include life science concepts, science curriculum, and science methods.

Dan Swensen

Associate Professor of Education | d-swensen@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2008

Areas of expertise

Swensen’s scholarly work focuses on the development of the Mathematics Standard Level exams taken by International Baccalaureate candidates. His teaching specialties include middle school education, education technology, statistics, and math and physics education.

Geri Von Grey

Instructor in Education | geri-vongrey@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2012

Louise Wilson

Associate Professor of Education | louise-wilson@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 1999

Areas of expertise

Wilson’s research interests include school reform, charter school development, cognitive learning, and brain development. Her teaching specialties include educational psychology, technology integration, instruction, and school change.